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Fjord – Powerful, extravagant and characteristic powerboats









More speed & more freedom; the first Fjord with outboard engines

Fjord expands its segment with the new Fjord 36 Xpress with two 350 hp Verado outboard engines on the water. The engines are perfect for shallow water and reaches new top speeds of stunning 45 knots while retaining the Fjord high standards on quality and luxury. This makes the brand stand out once again and creates the new segment of premium outboard boats.











An elegant, fast and safe powerboat

The FJORD 36 open is the perfect combination of a performing hull and a clean and sophisticated design that has always been a trademark of designer Patrick Banfield. With the FJORD 36 open you will get an elegant, fast and safe powerboat merged with a spacious open deck – and a perfectly integrated cabin that ist equipped with toilet, stove, refrigerator and king-size bed.









Vertical bow, sharp edges and precise lines 

Characteristic lines and innovative design which give her an unique, modern look. Vertical bow, sharp edges, precise horizontal lines and clean surfaces. Every Fjord 40 Open is unique, a beautifully customised one-off.










 Accelerate to a pace of 40 knots

The FJORD 42 open is an overwhelming source of the most intense feelings – evoked by her trend-setting appearance, her exhilarating power and her countless amenities spread all over the yacht.  Go for a spontaneous jaunt to the neighbouring coves. Take some friends on a laid-back chill-out on the open sea.  Driving this iconic masterpiece, you can be yourself – and when being yourself, you are unique.









 Accelerate to a pace of 40 knots

 The FJORD 48 open is a bold statement of independence and a symbol of success wherever she appears. Designer Patrick Banfield masterfully implemented the iconic FJORD hull shape to the size of 48 feet. Featuring the FJORD trademarks: vertical bow, angular lines, t shaped roof, clean surfaces, frameless windshield for unobstructed panoramic view and unlimited open feeling.Every single FJORD is unique, a beautifully customised one-off.



Unique. Extravagant. Characteristic.

Fjord is known for unique and powerful powerboats. The vertical bow and a clear visual language of extraordinary hulls stand out in every port and make up the outstanding design from Patrick Banfield.