NEW MY18 Axopar 28 is taking the world by storm!

May 11, 2018

The first of the NEW MY2018 Axopar 28 only arrived into Sydney one month ago. A world release was at Dusseldorf early this year.

The Eyachts service and sales team are amazed with all the changes and upgrades.

The result of continuous product development, combined with three years worth of valuable feedback from existing owners ​​and nearly 750 Axopar 28’s now delivered, ​Axopar have brought about an extensive facelift design for the Axopar 28 / 2018 model year.

​Without tampering with the boat’s essential DNA and core values, customers who are already familiar with the outgoing model will immediately notice that every detail they can see, touch and feel about the new face-lift Axopar 28 has been improved. Everything that is, apart from the price-point, which, we are pleased to say, remains ​much ​the same as before​.​

For added stability and improved balance, the hull has been scaled by 1.5%, equating to slightly longer length overall, increased by 13cm, and wider beam, increased by 5cm, and for greater passenger comfort inside the cockpit, the hull sides have been raised by 8cm and the deck level by 4cm respectively. Apart from the open cockpit boats without an aft cabin, all other model types will be upgraded as Category B Offshore craft and built to a high standard as certified by the National Marine Manufacturers Association (NMMA) and the new more stringent CE directive in Europe.

​With this increased demand again in 2018 for this triple award winning model, the factory is now turning to more employment to keep up with the excessive demand.  Here in Australia Eyachts will have a few limited boat show boats available soon after the shows are finished find Limited Offers here  if not sold before, all our pre-ordered slots have now been sold through to Sept/Oct. ex. factory Europe. A new order will be now December 2018 handover.

Find the full specs here for Axopar 28 T-Top, Open and Cabin.