October eNews 2018

October 19, 2018

 Eyachts News
We give you the low down for the last three boat shows and let you know what people think of our yachts…

Axopar 37R Sports Cabin is reviewed by Boat Sales! Another new model is welcomed from Outer Reef with an insanely appetising deal!!!

We also tell you why you’ll fall in love with Vanquish and what the Prince of Monaco thought of the Greenline NEO!

As always we share a new place to take your Axopar and what the big hype is in Queensland!

Thank you for your ongoing support – the Eyachts team.


Peter and Rowan made a right move and ended up at Cannes Yachting Festival for a week, talking to clients, the media and suppliers about what makes Eyachts portfolio so unique. They were also fortunate enough to test out two of the “super smoothest” yachts on the market, Vanquish 45 and the Brabus 37
Brabus versions are now available on all Axopar 2019 models.  

Western Australians were lining up to take a peak inside the Axopar (see image). The 28 Aft Cabin was welcomed with such open arms, we can already tell that these yachts are about to take off in the West. People loved the roomy seperate head and were surprised how nice the finish and accomodation was.

Auckland took an unexpectedly pleasant turn as the 28 Cabin was purchased on arrival, some people just cannot resist Axopar. NZ clients rave about how perfect Axopar’s are to travel to your batch (holiday house). After the third year, people are now accepting and understanding the modern one piece windows from deck to ceiling on the Sealine C330. Many were attracted to the Italian oak which gives the yacht a new light and airy feel. The Sealine C330#115 also sold and there are now over 100 of these beauties gracing the sea. 

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BoatSales- Axopar 37R Sports Cabin Review

“Axopar certainly fulfils the role of a getaway craft in true James Bond style. It is super-fast, easy to maneuver and always easy to board with its self-draining walk-around cockpit.”

“A clear run ahead invited us to hit the afterburners, and the big boat easily leapt to 50 knots. A little more tickling of the up-trim soon had us low-flying at 55 knots.”

“So the Axopar 37R Sports Cabin is a craft that’s both fast and reasonably economical to run. What the numbers don’t tell you is just how smooth the ride is, even when hitting the open water of Broken Bay and still holding 40 knots without drama.”

Limited stock left, click here to see what is still available. 

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Prepare to be jaw dropped by this INSANE deal!!! 

Aside from exceptionally high-quality build standards the Atlas 550 offers her owners, this is the perfect yacht for long-range adventures or spontaneous weekend excursions in all types of seas.

Eyachts is offering the first ever Atlas 550 complete with electronics, instruments, air conditioning, 16kw Northern Lights generator, Niad Stabalizers, bow thruster, water-maker, 3785 litres of fuel to fill the twin 500hp John Deeres and a DINGHY so all you have to do is turn the key and you’re off!!!

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Vanquish Yachts owes its existence and raison d’être to highly demanding individuals who are seeking an optimal experience on the water.
In order to meet this demand, Vanquish have specialised in the development and construction of custom aluminium sports boats. All are built as individual projects in close co-operation with our clients and entirely according to their personal needs.
This means that all Vanquish boats are unique. The only thing they have in common is they meet the core brand values that set Vanquish apart: a superior performance, first class comfort, premium Dutch quality, and captivating charm.


Prince Testing Greenline NEO

His Serene Highness Prince Albert of Monaco tested Greenline NEO EDrive at Monaco Yacht Show to promote more efficient electrically powered vehicles.

“The challenge is ahead of us for each of us, to do what is in our power to counteract climate change. The future is green”, commented Prince Albert 

The sun is shining and so is Axopar

Queensland is riding on a wave of success with 6 new Axopars sold in under 8 weeks! The north east waterways are really feeling the love for our 2428 and 37 range.

On top of this Boat Works is about to be blessed with a $100 million expansion. This will bring way to the 1st Dry Marina which will officially open for the 1st November. Closely followed behind will be the continued earthworks & preparations for Stage 1 of the 50 berth Marina.

At Eyachts we are excited to see this massive expansion which will bring more boats from all over the world to our Gold Coast boating mecca. The Boat Works owner Tony Longhurst’s vision to grow his world class facility to the 1 stop shop for all your boating needs and rival the concept of “Parramatta Road” for boat sales is only around the corner. Bringing more Boats and people to this area can only boost the economy and help our industry.

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New place to take your Axopar

Visit exclusive waterfront cafes and restaurants from the luxury of your own boat.

Each month we will be reviewing the best hidden gems on the East Coast of Australia.

This blog is going to give you a full review on the newly renovated and opened The Lookout, Elizabeth Bay Marina Cafe. 

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