Award Nominations & Winners


It is always a great feeling when the brands that we represent get nominated and win awards. In 2020 the Pardo 38 won the European Motor Boat and the Axopar 28 has just been crowned with the Boating Award and in 2021 the Axopar 37 has been nominated for European Motor Boat of the Year as well as Motorboat and Yachtings award, along with the Pardo 50 and Sirena 88.



After testing scores of new-model boats in 2020, Boating Magazine editors chose what they deem the top five contenders for Boating’s Boat of the Year, the most prestigious award in recreational boating and the Axopar 28 Cabin has just been crowned the winner!

Just seeing the Axopar 28 Cabin at the boat launch opens your eyes to a new type of recreational boat. It looks long and lean, like a carving knife. Every detail on the boat—from the plumb stem to the narrow beam to the reverse raked windshield—is well-thought-out and implemented for an explicit reason. There is nothing on the Axopar that is there just because. The narrow twin-stepped hull and double-chine design allow this boat to take on heavy seas without pounding, and its design and lightweight construction help it achieve incredible economy for its size. Built modularly so you can readily choose different layouts, it’s not just a category-buster, it’s in a category unto itself.


Each year Europe’s best in the boating industry are rewarded with the “Oscars of boating”: The international “European Powerboat of the Year” Awards. The title is highly acknowledged, and is awarded to the best five boats sold in Europe, in five different size categories.

2020 WINNER – PARDO 38

New factors are added in the category up to 14 m – seaworthiness as well as range. Boats in this category have to be suited for longer distances, navigating across open water or travelling near the coast. The particular features needed to do so, like driving behaviour, safety and range, have a big impact on the valuation of the judges.  


Being nominated alone means that the yacht is one of the most promising new innovations for the upcoming boating season 2021. The European Powerboat of the Year is the most thorough competition there is for production yachts. The criteria that the jury bases their evaluation on space between value for money, performance and innovation. The spirit is to award the models that carry on valuable features, regardless of the brand or the market diffusion.


After much deliberation, the judges have narrowed down the list of finalists for the 2021 Motor Boat Awards….

You can be certain that every boat in our shortlist of finalists has earned its place. They have all been thoroughly sea trialled by Motorboat & Yachtings world-class team of highly experienced, impartial boat testers.

For 2021 Axopar, Pardo and Sirena have each been nominated in different categories…

Sportscruisers up to 40ft


There had to have been some head-scratching when the Axopar team decided to create the 37 2.0. To say the original was successful is quite the understatement; it sold in its thousands, scooped up armfuls of awards and delighted pretty much every journo who had a go behind the wheel.

How on earth do you improve on that? Well Motorboat and Yachting certainly think they did…

Sportscruisers over 40ft


The flagship of the classy Pardo range dreams of sun-drenched bays and warm evenings.

The 50 is the ultimate expression of what Pardo stands for, with the main deck that, purely from gazing over it, transports you to a sun-drenched anchorage and coaxes visions of lazing about in the sun and diving off its enormous bathing platform into the clear blue water.

Custom yachts


Sirena, Eyachts Australia and New Zealand

The Sirena 88 boasts presence, volume and a master suite to die for.

Most boatyards have an urge to build ever-larger craft is often explained in economic terms, it is easier to make a profit on a big boat than a little one, there is also the holy grail aspect to consider – the conviction that the design of the next model up will have none of the drawbacks of the previous one. The Sirena 88 is unique from the smaller models in the range.


Is the Axopar 37 Diamond Quality?

Is the Axopar 37 Diamond Quality?

The Diamonds love their Axopar’s, “Speed, comfort and amazing flexible fun and ability for overnighters… We love hanging out having fun on the water. Zooming out through the heads, but the adventure doesn’t stop there,” says Bec Diamond.
“The overall purchase, delivery, and handover experience with the team at Eyachts was nothing short of brilliant. 10/10.”

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Axopar 37 Owner Story

Axopar 37 Owner Story

“I love the speed, the stability and, being an accountant, the fuel economy. I have zipped all over Pittwater at 30 knots sipping only 80 litres an hour. Show me another 37 ft boat that gets anywhere near that!!!

I have always loved the styling on the Axopar range, but it really was the new hull design on the 37 revolution that had me push the buy button,” said Andrew.

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