Axopar 37 Owner Story


Andrew has had his new Axopar 37 Sun Top for a few months now, spending a lot of time out of the picturesque Pittwater, North of Sydney Harbour. We had a chat to get some insight into his favourite things about his Axopar and to do onboard.

Andrew has a unique love for the Axopar, something we think other boaters will relate to and something we don’t emphasise enough and that is the fuel economy due to the clever hydrodynamics of the hull.

“I love the speed, the stability and, being an accountant, the fuel economy. I have zipped all over Pittwater at 30 knots sipping only 80 litres an hour. Show me another 37 ft boat that gets anywhere near that!!!

I have always loved the styling on the Axopar range, but it really was the new hull design on the 37 revolution that had me push the buy button.”

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Andrew uses the Axopar as the true adventure boat it is made to be, something that is so easy to take out for just a few short hours of complete enjoyment. Being based in Pittwater he often does breakfast runs to Bobbin Head or up the Hawkesbury.

“It is hard to narrow it down to just one highlight but winter runs to Bobbin Head for breakfast are pretty special. Opening up the throttles on the flat water and hitting 48+ knots is an awesome feeling.”

When asked where his favourite place to spend time on his Axopar 37 was, he said, “Morning Bay on Pittwater. With the shallow draft we sneak in close to the shore and enjoy the afternoon sun – just perfect.

The Axopar 37 Sun Top is not only great for peaceful getaways with the family and an escape from busy work lives, it is also the perfect entertainer. Andrew often spends time with friends for a lazy afternoon on the water or heads out just a couple of hours for a late afternoon cruise with a couple of sundowners.

“I ordered a 37ST with an open aft deck, maximising the room and have no problem with space when I have a full complement of friends and food onboard.”

The Eyachts team are so happy to hear amazing stories like this of owners loving their boats. That is really what it is all about for us, helping people really enjoy life on the water.

“I can’t fault the team at Eyachts. From speccing the boat to communication during the build process, handover and then aftersales support, it was all top-notch.”

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