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Axopar 37 Revolution – First Impressions and changes

Every single millimetre of the new Axopar 37 range has been redesigned from the hull to the handrails, yet the dimensions are the same, it’s like magic…

With 380 changes in this new and improved model, you’ll get more…

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Axopar have listened and have answered your prayers!

But with so many improvements let us give you a taste for our favourites…














Overall, the boat looks sensational. From a far, the changes are subtle and it’s not until you start to look closer you see the work that has gone into the new boat. The changes are everywhere! The sheer line of the boat now is reversed meaning that the bow sweeps down the further forward you go. Not only does it look great, it also gives you better vision forward. This added to another change where the deck at the helm in now 8cm higher, so you do have a sense of height when at the helm. Why did they do this??? They have significantly redesigned the way the boat performs at speed as well as getting up on the plan. The boat now sits 10 degrees higher in the bow at 30knots. The other noticeable change is when getting on the plane. It gets far less lift in the bow when going from stationary to planning. This really stood out when we got to test the boats in less than ideal conditions.















Looking at the hull, the steps have been significantly changed. They now allow more air into the middle of the hull which in turn, gives better performance. Also, the bow thruster has been moved further forward to improve its effectiveness. The other things that you notice is the upper chine is more pronounced as well as the upper wave deflection section of the hull.

From the back, the swimming platform has been redesigned forms part of the hull, rather than as an additional section.

The changes continue!












The top of the bulwarks have a gentle “swoop” where the fuel filler is. They have even gone to the effort of redesigning the stainless-steel grab rails to suit the new look.

The “gull wing” doors are a standout. They have been designed to allow a lot natural light into the cabin and it’s worked! They have created another nice living space which feels airy and spacious. It is finished with nice grab handles inside and self-opening gas struts. Really cool, functional…. Really Axopar! The separate toilet/shower is nice with double doors and full privacy. Access through the hull wings from inside is good with 2 steps allowing easy movements.













Moving back to under the Sun Top, they have redesigned the structure with nice support framework, good height with speakers integrated. Fridges under helm seats now open outboard rather than aft. Again, an example of how small “tweaks” really improve the boat. They have relocated the battery switches to just under the front seats…. much easier to access and doesn’t require going below to start the engines. Clever move!

In the bow section, there is an option of either a sun bed or table and both work well. The anchor locker has been redesigned and it’s great. It’s well laid out with room for fenders.











On the water, these changes came to life. The real standout (and hero) was the Shadow 900 Spyder. This was phenomenal. Although only a test mule, build quality was great and attention to detail was spot on. Loaded with 7 people and full of fuel, we did 63knots and it wasn’t quite flat out. It felt very slippery through the water. Brilliant handling as you’d expect. The impressive aspect was how flat it was. The changes to the hull really were evident. Minimal bow rise when getting on the plane. 

















The new Revolution 37 were awesome. 50+ knots on the cabin (twin 300 V8’s). More room inside. We had 8 large guys, all in dry suits, and had room to sit and chat. The new cabin is very quiet as a lot of work has gone into NVH and the ergonomics. The rear window has been redesigned to now include curved corner panels which really help increase visibility. It was this boat that at 43knots, we went into a full lock turn. There was no propeller cavitation and the amount of grip was amazing. The new hull has lost none of what we love about them. 

The day on the water was brilliant. The new Axopar 37 Revolution is an incredible boat and has lifted the bar yet again.