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Chasing Canguro Water Skiing Record on Axopar 37 Sun Top R Version

Club Marine – Australia 2018

It made a huge difference to have Axopar as our boat sponsor and they also brought Mercury onboard…I thought they looked really interesting and then I saw the 37 Sun-Top. It was perfect for what we needed. It had good carrying capacity and didn’t need to be pulled out of the water every day, which was important.

2018 Axopar 37R Sports Cabin Review

Boat Sales Australia – September 2018

An enclosed cabin opens up a world of opportunity for those well-at-heel boat buyers chasing a bit of Euro chic on the water. Axopar’s products already stand out on the water, but haven’t really catered to buyers wanting some layover practicality built into the Finnish boat range. This is where the Axopar 37R Sports Cabin steps in

Tested: Axopar 37 AC

Kippari Finland – December 2016

“Wayfarer of a new era.” One rarely encounters a boat more than 11 meters long that achieves the same kind of driving fun as the big Axopar delivers. The driving response has similarities with large rib-boats, which is a result of the low height, the length and the deep V-bottom