Short summaries of Axopar reviews from the boating press around the world highlighting what they have complimented our boats on, based on their tests and sea trials.

Attached are also full Axopar reviews available to read and video reviews to watch.

Australia and NZ


Axopar 37 X Sun Top Review

Despite initially judging the boat by its lines, Kevin Smith is now an avid fan of this European centre console.


Club Marine

Axopar 28 Brabus Boat Review

“Axopar turns to the automotive high performance aftermarket tuning company BRABUS to up the wow factor on the 28 T-Top.”


Boating Mag – 2019

First Impressions – Axopar 28

“From Finland, Axopar boats look different, perform well, and provide versatility and easy maintenance.” – Boating Magazine

Axopar 28 T-Top for sale Sydney


Club Marine – Australia 2018

Chasing Canguro Water Skiing Record on Axopar 37 Sun Top R Version

“It made a huge difference to have Axopar as our boat sponsor and they also brought Mercury onboard.”

“I thought they looked really interesting and then I saw the 37 Sun-Top. It was perfect for what we needed. It had good carrying capacity and didn’t need to be pulled out of the water every day, which was important.”

“Via Eyachts, Alex made contact with the Finnish manufacturer…”

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Boat Sales – Australia 2018

“Axopar certainly fulfils the role of a getaway craft in true James Bond style. It is super-fast, easy to maneuver and always easy to board with its self-draining walk-around cockpit.”
“A clear run ahead invited us to hit the afterburners, and the big boat easily leapt to 50 knots. A little more tickling of the up-trim soon had us low-flying at 55 knots.”
“So the Axopar 37R Sports Cabin is a craft that’s both fast and reasonably economical to run. What the numbers don’t tell you is just how smooth the ride is, even when hitting the open water of Broken Bay and still holding 40 knots without drama.”

Club Marine – Australia 2018
Tested: Axopar 28
“Axopar’s talented all-rounder packs loads of well considered features inside a unique exterior.”
“If you happen to get a chance to drive the Axopar 28, you’ll discover what a soft-riding, sure-footed and seaworthy beast it truly is.”
“If you want the Porsche of offshore fishing boats, a fast coastal hopper or a Rottnest runner, this could well be it.”

Ocean Magazine – Australia 2017
Tested Axopar 28 Aft Cabin and Axopar 37 Cabin
“We towed the boat in sea conditions that were very uncomfortable on the 49-metre boat, and the Axopar survived against all odds.”
“Motoring past the Spit in Sydney, snug in the adjustable seat with armrests, the driving experience felt to me like a quality car, perhaps the reason that BMW Yachtsport chose these as chase boats for the last America’s Cup. “

Tested: Axopar 37 Cabin & 37 Sun-Top – (Trade-A-Boat Magazine Issue 485, December 2016)

“I always go out on a limb when I suggest that a boat is the best I have ever reviewed; after all, such a claim doesn’t leave a lot of room to move. After reviewing the Axopar 37 I may just have to reconsider my attitude. This could be the most fun you can have on a day boat.”

What they loved about the Axopar 37: Handling and ride are in a class of their own, Individual looks will please some, Quality finishes and futuristic design. “Forget everything you know about driving a 37-footer – this boat rewrites all the manuals. It leapt forward from rest like a boating journalist at an open bar and pushed rapidly to WOT, just shy of 50kt in the quiet waters of upper Middle Harbour.”, “Handling characteristics were sublime; the boat dutifully followed wherever it was pointed and confidently gripped the water as the hull leant in and bit hard without pitching or slipping.”, “The Axopar 37 was safe and predictable across all quarters, rapidly inspiring confidence in its ability to quickly and safely cover the hops between inner-city ports.”



Tested: Axopar 28 T-Top (BoatAdvice August/2015)

Australia’s most trusted source of boat reviews BoatAdvice took the Axopar 28 T-Top for a spin. Read what they thought about the boat and watch a video review on their website.

“All round the performance is exceptional whether running into a swell and wind or cruising around a more sedate waterway.”

What they loved about the Axopar 28 T-Top: Innovative design, Use of space, Excellent finish. “While it may look unique, with a design that is closer to a sleek yacht than a power boat, it is also very functional with an exceptional amount of space onboard.”, “In the helm you feel immensely safe and secure, which is very reassuring for owners with kids or partners who are not so at ease on the water.”, “The purposeful design, crafty additions and clever use of space deliver a sports boat package that is immensely usable.”


Bonus video:
“The Axopar 28 open is another boat from this highly awarded Finnish boat company. In fact they’ve won just about every boating award there is on offer and the accolades keep on coming. tested the 28 Open on the beautiful waters of Pittwater, an hour drive north of Sydney and we came away mightily impressed once again.”


Boating NZ – New Zealand – 2017
“You’d be forgiven for mistaking the Axopar’s interior for that of a high-end SUV. Clever design features convert the interior in multiple ways, providing dining and sleeping accomodation. And if you want to feel completely decadent, there is a handheld fob for remote steering.”
“Everything about the Axopar 28 is unusual- her lines, chines, stepped hull, cabin and accomodation. She’ll resonate with those who like to be different.”
“The weather up in Kawau Bay can be incredibly rough but you just close the cabin doors – you feel so enclosed – and just cut through the waves. It rides really well.”
Bonus video:

“It’s a very flat smooth ride, not bouncing about, the boat stays very level. There is great visibility from the helm.”

“The internal space has been used really cleverly… There is a great walk through on either side and it is very easy to get into the cabin.”- Sarah Ell





Eye catching is of course the first impression of the 37 XC Revolution.

Motor Boat & Yachting – 2020 

Axopar 37 has & BRABUS Shadow 900

First drive of the all new “gull-wing’ generation.

Motor Boat & Yachting – 2020

Axopar 37 Sun Top
Watch through and test drive in Finald.

Kempers Watersport – 2020

Axopar 37 X Cabin

A full review by Bart Kempers, showing you this Axopar 37 Cross Cabin.

The Virtual Yacht Broker – 2020

Axopar 37 Revolution

Take an in-depth look at the all-new Axopar 37 Mkii Revolution.

Aquaholic – 2020

Yacht Tour : Axopar 37

The Axopar 37 has been re-invented! Here are some of the major differences.

Power and Motor Yacht – 2020

Comedic Axopar 37 X Cabin test.

The crew eat Captain Crunch on the bow and take it for a sea trial.

Super Yacht Captain – 2019

Axopar Revolution reveal/ walkthrough and seatrial

See it all in one.

Soundings – 2019

Axopar 37 Sports Cabin

“A cruise from Maine to Connecticut aboard the Axopar 37 shows this seaworthy sport Cruiser is true to its Baltic Sea heritage.”

READ MORE – 2019

Axopar 37 Sun Top

“She’s among the best handling boats I’ve tested and that says a lot. Bottom line, this boat offers a lot that isn’t immediately apparent but becomes apparent once you step aboard.


Boote Magazine – 2019

The hulls of both Axopar 28 are divided into three segments separated by two transverse steps. They reduce the water resistance and are responsible for the fact that you need only little power trim while driving. The vertical bow merges into a sharply cut V-hull, which gradually flattens out aft and is equipped with longitudinal sliding stages.

READ MORE – 2019

Axopar 28 Cabin (2019-)

Recently, we tested the Axopar 28 Cabin in 5’ to 7’ (1.52 to 2.13 m) seas in one of the roughest conditions we have ever tested a boat in, much less a one this size with an open bow…


Power and Motorboat – 2017

First Impression: Axopar 28

“From Finland, Axopar boats look different, perform well, and provide versatility and easy maintenance.” – Boating Magazine


Tested: Axopar 37 Sport Cabin

Pushing the new Axopar 37 SC to the edge in an exclusive test off Cannes.

View Video

 Pacific Yachting – Canada

Tested: Axopar 28 AC (Pacific Yachting 06/2016)

“The performance and fuel economy are both outstanding. Fit and finish are also first-rate. Its striking design is another feature that will draw in customers.”

What they loved about the Axopar 28 AC: “At a more sedate cruising speed of 27 knots (4,000 rpm), the fuel consumption was a remarkable 1.6 litres (0.42US gallons) per mile. For its size, the Axopar 28 can boast some of the lowest fuel consumption numbers we’ve ever seen.”, “Despite the two-foot chop, there was absolutely no pounding and the movement of the boat was soft. Another pleasant surprise was that, despite the chop, we never took a drop of water over the bow. This is an outstanding characteristic. Driving the Axopar was a real pleasure.”, “As with the exterior, we could not find any fault with the high quality construction and craftsmanship throughout the interior. Axopar certainly isn’t cutting any corners when it comes to quality of construction.”, “From bow to stern this new offering is a refreshing departure from the norm.”


Tested: Axopar 24 Open & HT – (Venemestari Nr. 3 2017)

“Eye-catcher”, “Although the 24 is the smallest in the range, its design is by no means modest or reduced, on the contrary. The Axopar 24 not only looks modern and upscale but also feels like a fully featured family member alongside the larger models”

What they loved about the Axopar 24 Open & HT: Style to spare, Great possibilities for socialising, The small difference in price for the HT-version. “Axopar has grown into an addictive and talked about brand in a short time”, “In general, the addition of a hard top roof to a bowrider is one of the Axopar’s insights. A similar concept has not been seen previously”, “Few seven-meter cruisers provide the same opportunities to enjoy the time spent at sea and even an overnight stay. And if you need to keep the bow free for movement, you can concentrate the socialising functions to the aft or vice versa, and the central salon is always close at hand”.

Tested: Axopar 37 AC – (Kippari Nr. 12 2016)

“Wayfarer of a new era”, “One rarely encounters a boat more than 11 meters long that achieves the same kind of driving fun as the big Axopar delivers. The driving response has similarities with large rib-boats, which is a result of the low height, the length and the deep V-bottom”

What they loved about the Axopar 37 AC: Aesthetics, Handling, Performance, Drivability, Flexibility/adaptability, Low noise level. “All encountered waves, even the sharp ones, disappeared under the boat without a trace”, “Agile for its size. Slender lines and excellent visibility at the helm makes controlling and handling of the big Axopar a pleasure. The same feeling of agility continues throughout the boats speed registry from manoeuvring in the port up to top speed”, “The low and long profile is also good for wind sensitivity. Even at speed it is steady and performs predictably”.

 Boote Magazin – Germany

Europe’s largest motorboat magazine Boote tested the Axopar 37 T-Top. (Boote 11/2016)

“A newcomer from Scandinavia sets new standards”, “In short: rough water performance that puts a never-ending smile on one’s face”

What they loved about the Axopar 37 T-Top: “Basically the Axopar 37 is a fun boat with the performance data of a driving machine – barely 6 kg of net boat weight per horsepower are values that are found in the racing sector”, “The biggest advantage of the steps is that the boat will rise out of the water swiftly, leaving waves and rough water out of the equation”, “A speed at which you have to throttle back on other boats, because the waves affect the driving comfort, is almost non-existent on our test boat”.

Conclusion: Among the boat builders aiming to meet the requirements of families and performance seekers alike, Axopar is holding a top position at the moment. The Axopar 37 T-Top shows both workmanship and handling characteristics at a high level. The latter is especially true in rough seas.


Tested: Axopar 37 T-Top (Barcos Nr. 208 October 2016)

“At the controls, this progression results in spectacular sensations of acceleration and speed, response and power, with full control of the situation at all times. Spectacular!”, “High performance, full comfort”

What they loved about the Axopar 37 T-Top: Very attractive price and exact, impeccable driving and handling. The concept with open bathing platforms and flat area around the outboards and the hatch to the cabin on foredeck. “The hull in conjunction with dual engines provides great performance and safety at sea. The turns and counter steering is extremely agile, tight and fast, without cavitation and with outstanding grip of the hull.”

Tested: Axopar 24 T-Top – (MBY November 2016)

“It’s a remarkably clever layout that strikes the perfect balance between useable dayboat and focused driving machine.”, “The combination of cutting-edge looks, a deep-vee hull, a sociable deck layout, exhilarating performance and attractive pricing has struck a chord with buyers the world over.”

What they loved about the Axopar 24 T-Top: “The cockpit layout works a treat with five supportive forward-facing seats aft of the helm, two of which swivel round to face a teak table that slots in the middle.”, “The helm encapsulates that same ethos with excellent protection from the tall screen and optional T-Top, first-rate ergonomics courtesy of a tilting wheel and a perfectly placed armrest for working the throttles, plus a simple electronic dash.”, “Somehow the low-slung bow stays clear of the waves, sending spray cascading away from the cockpit and letting the deeper mid sections slice through the crests with remarkable ease.”, “The steering is perfectly weighted and direct, with sportscar-like 3.2 turns lock to lock.”

Highlights: Clever cockpit layout, Excellent ride and handling, Open and Hard Top variants.


Tested: Axopar 24 T-Top – (Powerboat & RIB Magazine Issue 136 October 2016)

“Radical looks & innovative spacious design”, “It has equal appeal for the white-knuckle powerboater as it does for the family man.”, “When you consider what you are getting for the money, the Axopar 24 T-Top is a no-brainer…”

What they loved about the Axopar 24 T-Top: Great seakeeping and handling, Rapid steering, Solid build quality, Practicality/safety, Good weather/sun protection. “Its radical looks, vertical stem and innovative, spacious design are a trademark of this Finnish yard, as is a tempting, fully specified price tag of just over £60,000.”

Verdict: The GRP-built Axopar 24 T-Top brings the joys of fast Scandinavian boating to those that do not want to remortgage their house, and/or want a boat light enough to trail. It also provides a comfier option to a RIB with the ability to overnight, which for those that do not live near to their boat can make a world of a difference. When you consider what you are getting for the money, the Axopar 24 T-Top is a no-brainer, which has equal appeal for the white-knuckle powerboater as it does for the family man. If you want something more conventional than the T-Top, there is also an open-boat version.

 Motor Boat & Yachting – UK

Tested: Axopar 37 ST & TT – (MBY August 2016)

“The most sensational new boat of the year?”, “A boat that has it all”, “This boat is comfortable going fast in heavy weather and transforms into a sociable, fun platform the moment the anchor is out.”

What they loved about the Axopar 37 ST & TT: “We’re doing 41 knots over the ground. It genuinely feels like less than half that speed; the boat isn’t even breaking a sweat. Staggering. The hull is so adept, so unflappable and so flattering that it’s easy to drive fast in a big sea and still feel utterly safe and in control.”, “Something that both boats share is the super-sociable dinette amidships.”, “Thanks to Axopar’s modular construction methods, you can tweak the layout to suit your exact needs.”, “… Given its relative capability, that might make the Axopar 37 the steal of the century.”.

Verdict: “Surfing back towards base, I struggle to think of a boat I’ve tested that I’d rather be on in these conditions.”, “It’s a very special boat, this, there’s no doubt about it.”.


Motor Boat & Yachting’s Deputy Editor Jack Haines takes the Axopar 37 Sun-Top for a test drive in challenging conditions in Mallorca. Have a look at his impressions using the link below. (June 28, 2016)

“It’s a fantastic boat to drive!”, “Incredible value for money”, “Wonderful deck spaces, seakindly hull, agile handling and searing performance”


Tested: Axopar 28 T-Top – (Powerboat & RIB Magazine Issue 132 May 2016)

“When you consider what you are getting for your money, the Axopar 28TT is a no-brainer for the wind-in-your-hair powerboater.”, “True to Scandinavian form, the Axopar is no less impressive when it comes to functionality and practicality.”, “She is capable of incredibly tight sure-footed turns, with her stepped hull showing not the slightest intention of losing the plot.”

What they loved about the Axopar 28 T-Top: Great seakeeping and handling, Rapid performance, Solid build quality, Practicality/safety, Easy movement on deck, Good weather protection.

Verdict: Scandinavian boats in many ways are like German cars – distinctly solid and irresistible to those with practical taste. The GRP-built Axopar 28TT, like the recent plethora of fast offshore craft hailing from the Baltic, has radical and aggressive styling. Rightly this yard, like many from the region, has calculated that its boats will prove equally popular alongside the comparatively conservative boats of southern Europe. When you consider what you are getting for your money, the Axopar 28TT is a no-brainer for the wind-in-your-hair powerboater. If you want something different to the 28TT, there is also a cabin version and a totally open boat.


Ultimate Sports Boats super test. Tested: Axopar 28 OC + Draco 27RS, XO 250 and Paragon Ranger 25 – (MBY May 2015 issue)

“When it comes down to the wire, the Axopar stands out as the most talented all-rounder of the bunch, and combines many of the best elements of the other three boats without ever feeling bland or compromised.”

What they loved about the Axopar 28 OC: “This OC version, with its excellent deck design, flawless seakeeping, punchy performance and surprisingly comfortable aft cabin and heads compartment is the cheapest boat here by quite a distance”, “The Axopar handled the rough stuff brilliantly”, “The driving environment is excellent thanks to first-class ergonomics and a perfect view out no matter if you’re sitting in the firm, supportive helm seats or using the bolster function and leaning”.


Watch a video of the group test

Motor Boat & Yachting – UK

Tested: Axopar 28 OC – (MBY May 2015)

“Above the performance, looks and even that awesome hull is the incredible value for money that the 28 OC demonstrates, the boat we tested coming in at £75,000 on the water with such goodies as a bowthruster and Garmin chartplotter.”

What they loved about the Axopar 28 OC: Brilliant hull, Strong performance, Agile handling, Excellent use of space, Top notch attention to practical detail, Very good value.

Verdict: A boat that absolutely lives up to its ice-cool looks. Fast, fun, capable and practical, not to mention temptingly affordable.


Tested: Axopar 37 T-Top & 37 Cabin

The international Yachting Magazine in the US takes the Axopar 37 T-Top and Cabin out for a spin on choppy seas in Fort Lauderdale. See what they thought about the boats in this short video review.


Here is another video from the same magazine where Executive Editor Kevin Koenig takes you inside the Axopar 37 Cabin at the 2016 Sanctuary Cove International Boat Show.









The Davis family love their Axopar 28, they use it most weekends and Friday evenings for wake boarding, day trips with friends, finding secluded beaches and seeing the city at night.


Hayden, Harry and Rosie on handover of their Axopar 28 Aft Cabin. Harry said “I was extremely impressed with the way the boat handled on the trip offshore”.

Axopar 28-T-Top Handover on our beautiful Sydney which started in the afternoon but everyone was have so much fun they were still going at dusk! The new happy owner said  “I just love it”!