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Brabus Marine


BRABUS Marine is the result of a new cutting-edge alliance between two of the most renowned companies in their respective genres, bringing together the award-winning Finnish boat builder Axopar Boats and the long-established, high-performance luxury automotive car producer BRABUS to redefine luxury day boating through a range of new and exciting yachts.

BRABUS Marine focuses upon premium products for global markets with strong ambitions to become one of the world’s most iconic, Top 10 luxury boat building brands in the future.

In 2017, Axopar Boats and BRABUS found an immediate and direct connection, sharing the same passion, values and goals, thus making a strategic alliance inevitable. Axopar Boats and BRABUS Marine share the same level of commitment, the same passion and the same dedication required to create game-changing products for discerning clientele all over the world. Be ready to be surprised!











A highly exclusive range of luxury tenders and day boats, representing a cool, discerning and incredibly exciting new breed.

Here we are talking about far more than just a line of glamorous tenders with a penchant for style and speed.  The performance and handling are outstanding, that’s undoubtedly true, but there’s also a very practical and usable layout for friends and family to fully enjoy.

All boats within the BRABUS Shadow range are painstakingly hand crafted to the highest possible standards by skilled technicians using the finest materials, newest technologies and bespoke engineering. Every new Shadow ordered will allow an owner to specify the highest level of unique personalization, ensuring an unparalleled, distinctive yacht that exudes allure.

Owners will love the simplicity of getting back behind the wheel; feeding in the power and enjoying the unrivalled thrill of well mannered, super-fast and easy-handling boats.

In the history of BRABUS benchmark cars, all of their topline supercar models have been given an instantly recognisable name, like the BRABUS Rocket 900, the Fastest Sedan in the World.

Hence the nickname “Shadow” for the BRABUS Marine range of products, where the name signifies a hyper-quick, hyper-exciting luxury day-boat or tender, a tremendous ‘go-anywhere’ support boat that owners of large yachts & superyachts will love to drive themselves, seeking out beautiful bays, remote islands and coastlines where the larger yacht may choose to follow.















Unexpected to boats, BRABUS Shadow models are designated according to their respective power, as BRABUS does in the automotive industry.

Proudly presenting the BRABUS Shadow 800: Powered by top of the line performance engines, with a total power output of 800hp, the Shadow 800 is an ultra-fast, ultra-luxurious day boat with outstanding performance and breathtakingly good looks.













With 50 knots+ performance waiting to be unleashed, insane acceleration times and massive torque available from Mercury Marine’s latest XS Pro V8 FourStroke engines – who could not be tempted by the BRABUS Shadow 500?

Given the ‘dual-personality’ status of every BRABUS Shadow, this is a boat fully capable of taking friends and family away for long-weekends and island-hopping excursions in a high degree of luxury and comfort, yet with a serious turn of speed and ‘kick in the back’ acceleration when you want it most.

Positioned at the very top of the 30ft sports-weekender market, with mesmerizing performance on the one hand, yet with comfortable, day-long cruising capability and luxurious refinement on the other. A ‘best of both world’s’ scenario, you could say. The Shadow 500 is considered unique within this size range, and something that customers will find hard to replicate anywhere else.



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