Greenline reviews from around the world.

May 2019 – NEO Review | Club Marine Australia

“There’s plenty to like in Greenline’s new NEO platform, including twin outboard power and lots of hybrid cleverness.”

“Its patent-pending, hydraulically operated rear platform is designed to not only accommodate a pair of outboards, it also acts as a social launch point, or water toy storage area, and allows for the engines to be trimmed completely out of the water when moored or berthed. The advantage here is that engine maintenance and servicing costs can be greatly reduced.”

“It still boasts plenty of electrical generating power via its array of four 300W solar cells embedded in the hardtop. Customers who don’t want or need a marina berth can save up to around $15,000 per year”



April 2019 – NEO Review | Motor Boat & Yachting

“One of the highlights of the Dusseldorf Boat Show was the launch of the Greenline NEO”

“Performance is so smooth and potent we topped out with 40kts (twin 250hp)… it’s perfectly controlled it never skips, it never jumps, it’s a really easy boat to drive fast and have fun on.”

“You can’t help but notice how much seating there is, this cockpit is the perfect party platform.”



Feb 2019 – NEO Review (including Hardtop) – Power and Motoryacht Magaine

It’s small touches but ones that are really going to add up to a really innovative little package.

It’s new… but we are sure it’s going to land with a big splash. 

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2018 – Greenline 39 Solar – BoatTest

The Greenline 39 Solar is intended to be a coastal cruiser, with a hull that is designed to give the performance to operate at displacement speeds with diesel or electric propulsion with stability and comfort, or speed up to a semi-displacement hull speed to add flexibility to the cruising agenda, without sacrificing the ride.


Dec 2018- NEO Open Walk Through – Capt Steve

Where everyone else would put outboards on the back and call it a day, they made (a platform) that wraps around the back of the outboard… frankly it’s unique, first time I’ve seen anything like that.

Dec 2018- Boating New Zealand – Greenline 48 FLY Review

The way the Greenline 48 is configured screams ‘chill out’. She’s a supremely practical live-aboard cruiser.


May 2018- Boating New Zealand – Greenline 39 Hybrid review with Sarah Ell

If you’re concerned about the environment and looking to the future this is certainly something worth investigating.

March 2018- Yachting Magazine – Greenline 39 review at MIBS 2018

 The saloon offers more than ample creature comfort in a boat of this size…

Dec 2017- Tradaboat – Greenline 39 Review

“The new 39 continues the Greenline theme of providing smart design and ergonomic layouts with an easily driven hull.” Tradeaboat.



Oct 2017- Powerboat and Ribs – Greenline Hybrid 36 (now 39)

Fantastic all round visibility… perfect if you intend to go single crew… She runs very level… remarkably smooth.


Sept 2017- Yachting Magazine – Greenline 39

The boat has a nice sense of open space in her interior. From the scissor berths in the forepeak master, one can see all the way out to the cockpit.


Jan 2015 – Tradaboat – Greenline 48

The Greenline 48 Hybrid caters for those among us with green philosophies and the desire to travel quietly and energy-efficiently. 


May 2014- Sea Magazine – Greenline 33

We stepped aboard the vessel via the power-operated tailgate-style transom, which was lowered to exactly dock height, making getting aboard quick, safe and easy. As we moved away from the dock using only electric power, it was a bit eerie to watch the skipper advance the throttle and feel the boat move without hearing any mechanical sound. 


March 2013- Tradaboat – Greenline 33

Very spacious, very easy live aboard boat.

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“The Greenline 33 is not only the big surprise of the year but arguably the most significant new boat of the decade.”

– Motor Boat & Yachting

“Hull shape and Hybrid propulsion are reducing the fuel consumption and environmental impact as well as increasing the comfort and quality of life on board.”
– Boote
“Despite the acceptance of hybrid technology in cars, similar technology in boats still raises a few eyebrows, but there is no reason why it has any less promise in marine applications. Indeed, it may well be the future of powered boating and Slovenian boat builder Greenline is leading the way.”
– Boating New Zealand




Highlight Greenline Boat reviews include:

“The Greenline stood out from the crowd…We are absolutely thrilled with boat and our experience with eyachts has been very good. “

– Jon and Anne Flemming

“We love it! We have 3 children and lots of friends and family we like to entertain. The Greenline is a perfect fit for our lifestyle – it’s truly an entertainers’ boat.”

– John Bossi

“Our names are Ron and Andrena Williams. We purchased our Greenline 33 about 5 months ago through a wonderful agent; Richard Wardenburg and his lovely wife Suzy, from Auckland NZ. We have really enjoyed this boat, it is ideal for our situation in The Marlborough Sounds, S.I. of New-Zealand. The Marlborough Sounds has 1,500 km`s of coastal waterways, with variable winds and seas flat, to quite rough at times. Greenline travels well and, no-one experiences motion sickness on this boat. It is ergonomically excellent, with the extended deck area enabling us to partake in more activities, more easily, such as divine, swimming. The cost per hour to “run” at 5.7litres of diesel, is envied by other boat users. PS: My wife has a fear of water and boats but has gotten quite confident on our Greenline 33.”

– Ron Williams, New Zealand

“We are very happy with our Greenline 40. It gives a new dimension for family navigation.The boat is comfortable and really easy to handle.”

– Daniel Fayt, Belgium

“As we owned lots of boats before we know it’s impossible to design and built a new boat without any problems, however Greenline/Seaway pursued in getting the boat right! We have never seen service like this before, big compliments to Seaway and Nova yachting. We are now the proud owners of this wonderful hybrid. As we use the boat in the northern part of the Netherlands it’s awesome to sail electric through parts were there are only lots of birds, the silence is amazing. What we also love is just anchor somewhere in the middle of nature without worrying about shore-power and still have all the luxury like we were at home. In short; we love the setup of this hybrid! It’s quiet, full of luxury and very versatile. Love it! Greenline 33, too awesome.”

– Wim and Thea de Haan, The Netherlands

“We are Dymph and Wim Bijnen, the proud owners of Greenline 40 named Dymple. We made some changes to the boat – the blue hull, extra teak on the sun deck and on the benches in the cockpit gives this boat more cachet.For this summer a trip is planned to the Olympics in London where there is a big Sail Parade on the Thames to London.”

– Dymph and Wim Bijnen, Netherlands