Sealine C390

December eNews 2018

December eNews This month we tell you what you need to know about Boot- Dusseldorf Boat Show.  Introduce two new models; Sealine C390 and Greenline 48 Coupe.  Find a new Greenline 39 Review, an Axopar 24 Outboard FREE upgrade and an Axopar 37 SC limited offer.  As always we share a new place to take your Axopar. Thank you for your ongoing support – the Eyachts team. Boot- Dusseldorf Boat Show WHEN: 19 to 27 January, 2019 All Eyachts Boats attending; Axopar- 28 Cabin, 28 Open, 37 Sun Top, Axopar 28 Brabus limited edition (28 world wide) (World premier) Sealine – S330V, C330, C390 (World premier), C430 Greenline – NEO, 33, 39 E-drive (World premier), 40 H-drive, 48 Coupe (World premier), 48 FLY Fjord- 44 Open, 52 Open. Peter will be there the first 4 days from opening. Contact to book an appointment.  More on upcoming boat shows NEW SEALINE C390 JUST LAUNCHED!!! The Sealine C390 allows you to feel the joy of driving. Giving you; more in life, more panoramic views, more sunlight and more freedom.  The Sealine C390‘s floor-to-ceiling windows and the large skylight mesmerise the senses with every experience. A design that presents to you all the beauty of the sea – and puts others in its wake. More information NEW GREENLINE 48 COUPE MODEL! The Greenline 48 Coupe offers a unique level of living quality onboard thanks to Greenline’s One Level Living” and independence. The 48 Coupe is equipped with staggering 2,4 kW of solar panels on the roof in standard. Having

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November eNews 2018

    NOVEMBER eNews Eyachts won an award at the Axopar Dealers Conference. New media for the Fjord 44 Coupe and Sealine S330V is now available. A new Outer Reef 700 has an irresistible price tag on her… See what a day in the life of an Axopar delivery involves and hear what Marnie’s first experience of the Axopar 37 was like. We introduce our new “How To” YouTube series and show you how to park your Axopar 37. As always we share a new place to take your Axopar. Thank you for your ongoing support – the Eyachts team.   And the winner is… EYACHTS!!! Against competing finalists Boote Polch (Germany) and Herholdt Andersen (Norway) the two biggest dealers in Europe, Eyachts pulled through to take gold for “Best of Axopar Brand Engagement 2018”. Find out why Eyachts won…   NEW MODEL MEDIA NOW ONLINE!!! See Fjord 44 Coupe NEW video and images   See Sealine S330V NEW video and images     GREENLINE 58 OCEAN CLASS– NEW MODEL! Among the luxury motor yachts with Class A certification, the new OceanClass 58 is by far the most modern and attractive looking yacht on the market today. Contact us now! Full details NEW Outer Reef 700 MY 2019– LIMITED OFFER You’ll be blown away by the price tag on this 70 ft Super Yacht. We

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October eNews 2018

  We give you the low down for the last three boat shows and let you know what people think of our yachts… Axopar 37R Sports Cabin is reviewed by Boat Sales! Another new model is welcomed from Outer Reef with an insanely appetising deal!!! We also tell you why you’ll fall in love with Vanquish and what the Prince of Monaco thought of the Greenline NEO! As always we share a new place to take your Axopar and what the big hype is in Queensland! Thank you for your ongoing support – the Eyachts team.   THE SHOW LOW DOWN… Peter and Rowan made a right move and ended up at Cannes Yachting Festival for a week, talking to clients, the media and suppliers about what makes Eyachts portfolio so unique. They were also fortunate enough to test out two of the “super smoothest” yachts on the market, Vanquish 45 and the Brabus 37.  Brabus versions are now available on all Axopar 2019 models.   Western Australians were lining up to take a peak inside the Axopar (see image). The 28 Aft Cabin was welcomed with such open arms, we can already tell that these yachts are about to take off in the West. People loved the roomy seperate head and were surprised how nice the finish and accomodation was. Auckland took an unexpectedly pleasant turn as the 28 Cabin was

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September eNews 2018

  SEPTEMBER ISSUE The festivities aren’t over yet… Find out how Eyachts is wrapping up a huge year of boat shows… Plus a new expansion to the Eyachts dealership network… Axopar 28 receives a raving review and the range battle 35kt winds! More new and exciting models are welcomed into the Eyachts range from Greenline, Fjord and Sealine!!! We also share the new place to take your Axopar and as always our exclusive deal of the month.  Thank you for your ongoing support – the Eyachts team.   The festivities aren’t over yet… We still have three more EXCITING Boat Shows before Eyachts wraps up for the year.  First up Cannes… 11th -16th September Next we are at Perth… 21st – 24th September Finally we end with Auckland… 27th – 30th September Keep updated with the latest boating events here… Find out about location and display boats here…   Eyachts is expanding into Western Australia. Brendon Grieve the new Perth distributor has been working in the marine industry for 33 years. Beginning his career as a boatman and skipper at the ripe age of 19, going on to sell new and pre-owned boats in 1992 and then managing R Marine Perth for eight years. With so much experience it is inevitable that Brendon has built and maintained an extensive customer base, many of which he

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What you need to know about the Boat Shows…

  WHAT YOU NEED TO KNOW ABOUT THE UPCOMING BOAT SHOWS     First up Cannes Yachting Festival WHEN: Tuesday 11th September to Sunday 16th September 2018 WHERE: 1 Boulevard de la Croisette, 06400 Cannes, France Are you planning a trip to France for one of the boating industries biggest international shows this year? Eyachts entire leading-edge portfolio will be on display including; Axopar, Sealine, Greenline, Fjord, Vanquish and Outer Reef Yachts. Eyachts Managing Director, Peter Hrones will be at the show, able to ask any questions about any model. To book an appointment; Email: or Call: +61 425 223 352 “We love speaking to like-minded boat lovers and can’t wait to see you their.” Peter Hrones. Keep updated with the latest boating events here… Contact us to organise an appointment     Next up… Perth Boat Show WHEN: Friday 21st – Monday 24th September 2018. WHERE: Perth Convention and Exhibition Centre, 21 Mounts Bay Road, Perth WA 6000, Elizabeth Quay. Are you heading to Perth for the International Boat Show? Surprise! We are too!!! Eyachts is displaying our FIRST EVER boat in WA, the favourite Axopar 28AC. Come see us at stand 71 inside the exhibition centre.  We are excited to announce the newest addition to the team, Brendon Grieve as the Western Australia representative for Eyachts.  We can’t wait to see where this takes us… Stay

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August eNews 2018

  AUGUST ISSUE The Sydney International Boat Show is now officially over and we had so much fun! We share what viewers thought of our range.  Eyachts is expanding its dealers network find out who, where and why… More new and exciting models are welcomed into the Eyachts range!!! We also share the delightful new place to take your Axopar and another fun activity.    Thank you for your ongoing support – the Eyachts team.   Sydney Boat Show Recap As you all know Eyachts BIGGEST SHOW of the year Sydney International Boat Show and it is now over!!! We had so much fun and thank you to everyone who came and said hello or took a look around our displays.  Eyachts Displays:  Sealine C330 & S330, Greenline 39, Axopars; 24, 28 T-Top, 28 Cabin (one with and one without aft cabin option), 37 Cabin, 37 Sun Top & 37 Sports Cabin. Keep updated with the latest boating events here… See what’s still available…   Axopar thoughts… Browsers stopped, simply intrigued by their different look, the unique hull design with deep V and steps, giving the boat stability, lift and speed, sets the Axopar apart from other boats on the market. When taken on board all were captivated by the smart use of space on the Axopar 28s, blown away by the cleverly hidden toilet at the bow and cabin at the

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July eNews 2018

  JULY ISSUE This month we wrap up and introduce yet another boat show… We celebrate the incredible victory of Chasing Canguro in partnership with Axopar. As always Axopar’s go out as quick as they come in and we have more secrets to spill from the Greenline dealers conference.  We also share our awesome Sanctuary Cove footage and tell you the best new place to take your Axopar. Thank you for your ongoing support – the Eyachts team.   That’s a wrap Melbourne Boat Show is all wrapped up and we are extremely proud of the success. As you all know Eyachts hosted a MASSIVE display at SCIBS giving the team an opportunity to have some fun… With the Axopar; 24 Hard Top, 28 T-Top, 28 Cabin, 37 Sun Top and 37 Sports Cabin all together it would’ve been rude not to take them all out for a joy ride.  This is a short clip to sum it up…. Or watch the fun in this slightly longer video… Or chill out to the beat of Axopar here… We also captured the boss Sealine C330 heading up to the show. This video shows off all her elegance.  Contact us for more information   Next up Sydney Sydney is our biggest show of the year so you won’t want to miss out!  WHERE: International Convention Centre

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Chasing Canguro- The full story

The Eyachts team have been following our fellow Aussie, Alex as he took on his record breaking waterskiing journey. We are so proud that the Axopar 37 Sun-Top version R partnered with Chasing Canguro and achieved new feats. Congratulations Alex.  Find out why Alex chose Axopar… Background The culmination of Alex’s journey is an attempt to re-create his grandfather’s greatest achievement – his World-Record-setting marathon water-ski for a distance of 5,010 kilometres, which Harry completed in 10 days, 5 hours, and 36 minutes in 1970. The route begins at the tip of Africa and tours the coasts of Spain, France, Monaco and Croatia, finishing in Italy – the country that gave Harry the affectionate name ‘Canguro’ (kangaroo) after his Australian heritage. Find out more here… Preparation  In the days leading up to the trip, Alex and the team did a series of water tests, decided on the necessary equipment and prepared his body for what was to come. Two days before the journey Alex slept aboard the Axopar 37 Sun-Top version R reporting that he “slept like a dream, other than one really annoying mosquito”. He then completely switched off from technology, emails and work in order to “get in the zone”. Find his video

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Why did Alex chose Axopar? Chasing Canguro

The Eyachts team have been following our fellow Aussie, Alex as he took on his record breaking waterskiing journey. We are so proud that the Axopar 37 Sun-Top version R partnered with Chasing Canguro and achieve new feats. Congratulations Alex.  We cover the full story here… What led Alex to his decision to take Axopar on this journey over any other boat? Oceans Magazine Interviewed Alex and this is what he had to say… “There were other boats we considered, but I was drawn to the Axopar 37 Sun-Top for its unique styling and sleek design at the Sydney International Boat Show,” said Alex. “The noticeably aggressive chines and strakes stood out, evidence the boat was clearly capable of handling all types of water conditions.” The Axopar 37 Sun-Top version ‘R’ is standard, apart from the team having installed a strengthened ski pole and passenger seats that can face backwards for the observer crew to use. The fuel tank is a standard-spec 730 litre capacity and the aft-deck was deemed already roomy enough to carry the team’s equipment including camera gear, safety gear and such like, with the Sun-Top roof having been adapted to carry extra water skis. Powering the boat will be

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June eNews 2018

JUNE ISSUE This month the OUTBOARDS ARE TAKING OVER!!! We give you the low down of our success at Sanctuary Cove Boat Show and what’s up next in Melbourne, followed by some super exciting news about how Axopar is going to assist in breaking a new record. Then we finally spill the beans on the new Greenline models the world has been waiting for.  We’ve got an early offer on a new Greenline 39 and congratulate two owners on their Axopar handovers.  Wrapping up with 10 reasons why major boat manufacturers are shifting to outboards and a fresh segment giving Axopar owners ideas for what to do with their yachts. Thank you for your ongoing support – the Eyachts team.   That’s a wrap Eyachts BIGGEST DISPLAY EVER at Sanctuary Cove Boat Show was a raging success. Axopars gained some serious attention with an overflow of interest towards the 28 Cabin. Many owners are now enjoying the perks Axopar has to offer such as exploring waterfront restaurants. The Greenline 39 was incredibly busy with an overall consensus that it is the best value in its class. Queenslanders were especially attracted to the solar panelling. The Sealine C330 gained similar results with both boats generating appeal for their large window and ventilation, giving both yachts a light and airy feel.  Next up Melbourne Boat Show from 28th June-1st July. Eyachts will be showcasing the Axopar 24

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