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Activities to do on your boat.

At Eyachts we strive for success in all aims of customer service.

This means assisting our customers to find the best bays, things to do and fishing spots.

Every month the Eyachts team reviews new places to take your boat to put it all in one place.

Here we will talk everything relevant to Axopar, Sealine, Greenline, Fjord, Outer Reef and Vanquish

0 to 60kts in 5 secs

Mark Richards supercharged his Axopar 24 T-Top which now goes 63kts and is the fastest Axopar 24 EVER! 


A day on the Greenline NEO

Zipping out to Jumpinpin Bar in Queensland the six partygoers enjoyed a large sushi platter, champagne and freshly grilled halloumi. The team soaked up the 28-degree heat and splashed in the warm water with the Stringray NEO+ for a heap of fun.


Surf Ski Adventure

The Eyachts Team headed 10km offshore in 2 metre swells on the Axopar 37 Sun Top with a group of pro surf skiiers to capture the adventure on the water…


What can you do on board the Greenline 39?

Whether it’s around your local waterways or escaping the ordinary there is so much to do…


Sydney to Hobart

Boxing day is best spent popping champagne and watching the start of the Sydney to Hobart race, then relaxing and eating left over Christmas prawns in Little Manly.


Whale Watching

We took the Axopar 28 T-Top just outside of Sydney Harbour and the outcome was sensational!!!! What you need to know about Whale Watching in Sydney…