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Eyachts brands include only leading and cutting-edge European and American power boats from exhilarating day boats to luxurious long range motor yachts.


“Boating Redefined”
Award winning, head turning european dayboats ranging from 24’-37’


“Open your eyes to sea excellence”
Bill Dixon designed luxury motor boats, yachts & flybridges. Ranging 33’-53’


“Be Unique”
Powerful, extravagant and characteristic powerboats.  Ranging 36’-48’


“The Hybrid” Yacht
All about you, efficiency & the environment. Ranging 33’-65’


“Not for everyone”
Power, comfort, style & outright awesomeness. Ranging 32’-75’

OUTER Reef Yachts

“Going the distance with you”

The leading manufacturer of luxury long range yachts. Ranging 55’-115’


Peter and the team at Eyachts choose the brands we exclusively distribute to the Australian and New Zealand market very carefully. We are passionate about cutting-edge design and build quality and will only sell boats that we believe are the best available and suitable for Australian and New Zealand waters. Peter Hrones (Eyachts Director) with over 30 years boating experience, has brought some of Europe’s best boats to our shores and personally visits each brands factory regularly to ensure that the highest safety standards and quality are maintained.


“To me, design is everything when choosing brands for eyachts. Build quality and engineering goes hand in hand with a good designer and good factory morals.”

Peter Hrones

Director Eyachts - 30 years experience bringing Europe’s best boats to our shores

"Working with the staff at Eyachts there were never problems, only solutions. I have never experienced a standard set so high across an organisation as I did with eyachts”

John and Jo Bossi

Owners of Greenline 33 - Purchasing their boat from eyachts

"It’s hard not to get excited driving these boats. Every time I step behind the wheel, I simply cannot get myself out of the driver's’ seat... it’s a boat I would never tire of driving."

Dom Wiseman

Independent reviewer at Boat Advice had to say about Axopars



yachts thos

At Eyachts we are driven by innovative and ever changing boat design.

We constantly scour the world to bring to Australia the latest unique and leading edge yachts.

Every time we add a new range to our collection, we consider every aspect of the design and build in minute detail….but we make our final choice based on whether we get that heart racing moment of excitement when we jump on board.

yachts puts the ” in everything we do…

The “” in Axopar

fficient hull design and fuel consumption

xhilarating driving experiences

xcitement on the water

xperience life faster

njoyment for veryone


Axopar 24 range consists of 3 models
24 Open | 24 T-Top | 24 Hard Top


Australias favourite size class…

28 Open  |   28 T-Top  |   28 Cabin


Choose from four award winning models

37 T-Top  |  37 Sun Top 
37 Cabin  |  37 Sports Cabin

The “” in Sealine


legance and luxurious quality finishes

verlasting memories

asy to handle

Cutting dge

The “” in Greenline

nvironmental consideration

fficient design

co friendly

lectric engines

rgonomic layouts

The “” in Fjord

xcellent design

ye opening

nsures fun



The “” in Vanquish

ntertainment machine



ndless customisation

Not for  veryone

Outer Reef 550 for sale

The “” in Outer Reef



xpedition voyager

nhanced specifications

mbodies unique styling


When it comes to marine wear it is important to get the best of the best…

It’s no secret Axopar has built a well established reputation of high-end boats, they are now matching this with high-end apparel.

Now you can purchase quality clothing, accessories and toys that will have your friends saying “where did you get that?”


Eyachts Team

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