The advanced study of the hull likes enhances the navigation capacity both in displacement at 10/12kts and in planing at 25, supported by the IPS engine for maximum manoeuvrability and safety.

The optimisation of the hull with a maximum beam of over five metres allows the E60 to reach significant planing speeds and to draw large internal volumes.

The minimal and sophisticated deign creates an open dialogue between interiors and exteriors, with spaces that extend along the water with the opening of the sides.

“The Endurance 60 is a project in which the ability to navigate well in displacement at 10/12 knots and to plane at 25 knots will excel; we have studied the hull lines in depth using CFD analysis, putting to good use the know-how we have accumulated over almost fifty years in the shipbuilding sector. Low consumption, controlled speed, silent and safe navigation to facilitate transfers at night: all these characteristics make the E60 a project in which eco-sustainability also becomes a value to be preserved. All these characteristics are held together by the elegant design and unmistakable style of every Pardo Yachts boat”. – Gigi Servidati – passionate owner of Pardo and head of new model development at Cantiere del Pardo.

Eyachts cannot wait to bring this new concept to life in Australia and New Zealand!









Pardo 60 Specifications

Overall length

60 ft



16,5 ft

5.10 m

Maximum speed


Cruising speed

20 kts


0.80 m (keel) – 1.20 m (IPS engines) /

2,5 ft (keel) – 4 ft (IPS engines)

Displacement:30 tonnes Approx
Fuel Capacity:approx. 2500 L
Water Capacityapprox. 1000 l

2xVolvo IPS 700 hp (800 hp opt.)

Building materialGRP/ Carbon fibre
Person capacity:16 B / 20 C
CE Category:A
Project:Cantiere Del Pardo
Navel ArchitectDavide Leone
Interior DesignNauta Design

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As with every Pardo Yachts boat, the design, style and liveability of the interior and exterior space are at the heart of the project. A common thread connects the elegance and the minimal style which have decreed the success of the walkaround range to this new project. A family feeling is immediately clear if we observe the lines of the bow, a distinctive feature of every Pardo Yachts boat.

As regards the main deck: one of the strong points of the E60 is the outside area of the stern where two lateral terraces create an area of 33 m² dedicated to relaxation. This area also has the added feature of keeping life on board in contact with water as much as possible, recreating a real terrace on the sea. The sleek design of the lines creates a feeling of continuity with the level of the sea and does not disturb the harmony of the lines with heights that exceed the structures.

The area outside the stern is characterised by a dining area with table and chairs, protected from the sun by an electric Bimini top with which you can navigate in total safety, even leaving it open. The stern area is completed by a platform that can be hydraulically lowered for recovering the tender.

Always in line with the walkaround range, it was decided to maintain the same proportion and comfort for the guardrails which take from the stern to the bow area, also equipped and designed to be a further area dedicated to relaxation: the features of this area are a sundeck with recessed cushions of a truly generous size and an aperitif area furnished with table and comfortable seats.

Climbing up a level, the flybridge zone is a true novelty for a Pardo Yachts project: based on the owner’s needs, it is possible to decide how much to equip it. This superstructure differentiates itself from what we are used to seeing, because it is decidedly light with a moderate height: this allows to keep the barycenter of the boat low, to the full advantage of navigation and general aesthetics. Designed to enjoy life to the full “en plein air”, the fly can be furnished with sofa and sundeck with all cushions recessed flush. It is also possible to have a second command zone complete with negative windscreen and refrigerator cabinet.



Moving on to the interior space, again it is the over fifty years of experience in the world of sailing of Cantiere del Pardo that shines through: this know-how is clear to see in the optimum use of the volumes of the areas.

The continuity between interior and exterior is essential on board the E60 and the large windows of the saloon are a perfect example of this. The kitchen and bar are at the stern and have lateral windows that can be opened towards the sides to create a zone with bar facing outwards. Furthermore, if the accordion-style door that separates dinette and cockpit is held completely open, an enormous continuous space is created which gives a sense of total freedom, enhanced also by the negative glass positioned in front of the control console. Technical motivation (in the event of bad weather and heavy sea, the water does not flow on the glass to the advantage of visibility) aside, this also has an important aesthetic role, giving a feeling of all-round depth and freedom.

The interior command zone is characterized by a side door on the right, which allows the skipper to have direct access to the lateral walkway in the mooring phases, without having to disturb any guests sitting in the dinette or in the cockpit. The saloon houses a fully equipped kitchen, positioned at the entrance and both the table inside and the table outside the cockpit are easily reached. The dining zone and the lounge area are positioned more towards the bow on a raised zone that provides an exceptional scenic view.

The design of the lower deck proposes a long-lasting style: the family feeling with the walkaround range is clear and characterised by simple and clean-cut lines in harmony with colours that give the environments luminosity and freshness. There are three cabins and three bathrooms and maximum liveability has been guaranteed.

The master cabin positioned at the centre of the boat is a generous size, because it exploits the maximum width of the boat: the choice of this position is not casual but rather a strong message of how much the owner is at the centre of this new project. Many details make this space the flagship of the interior layout: the vanity area, the comfortable sofa under the windows and the several large spacious wardrobes.

The VIP cabin, positioned at the bow with private bathroom, is available in a double version: with bed that can be split into two single beds or one double bed, depending on the owner’s needs.

The third cabin presents two single generous sized beds and a dedicated bathroom.

The crew cabin is positioned under the sundeck area at the stern, equipped with two beds and toilet area and with direct access to the engine room.

As with any Pardo Yachts project, great freedom has also been left to the owner to customise the new Endurance 60 on board, allowing him/her to choose between a large variety of materials, fabrics and colours. All the furniture, in line with the Made in Italy style of Pardo Yachts is made entirely in the carpentry department, flagship of Cantiere del Pardo. The timeless elegance and the modern shapes of each single element are enhanced by the skilled and expert hands of our artisans, without sacrificing functionality and safety. Every Pardo Yachts boat stands out for quality, solidity and wood finish. This know-how started in 1973 and avails of the great tradition of Italian furniture makers. A skill acquired and perfected over time, handed down by the master artisans from generation to generation. A wealth of knowledge, which has always been enclosed in each and every boat of Cantiere.



Cantiere has wanted to satisfy the requests of today’s market making it choose IPS 700 HP (800 opt) Volvo engines for easy maneuverability, maximum safety and reduced consumption. Besides these advantages, the IPS engines make it possible to install Dynamic Positioning System, an incredible advantage during mooring because it keeps the boat still in one point making the maneuvers simple and feasible, even with a reduced crew.

“To achieve this important goal, I availed of our in-house team of highly specialized technicians with many years of experience in design. I welcomed the challenge because I strongly believe in the Pardo Yachts project, seeing it as a normal development of the new brand projected towards a future dominated by growth in boat size and High Tech. The Endurance 60 is already prepared and optimized to welcome the future of new engines, such as the hybrid, to navigate in total silence to enter or exit ports or navigate in areas with restrictions”. Vincenzo Candela, chief engineer of the Technical department at Cantiere del Pardo.

“What we designed is a hull optimized in all aspects for IPS transmission. The maximum beam of more than five meters allows to exploit the width of the boat to achieve generous internal volumes (evident characteristic observing the space of the master cabin) and to have better performance when the boat planes at significant speeds”. – Davide Leone, responsible for the naval architecture.










Massimo Gino of Nauta Design has this to say on the precious contribution given by the Milanese firm to this new model: “For the Endurance 60 project, which marks the beginning of the collaboration between Nauta Design and Cantiere del Pardo also for motor-driven boats, we worked on an interior layout defined by the shipyard, creating a fresh and luminous style for the interiors, which brings together white lacquering and blond teak, a reinterpretation and contemporary use of teak which has always been the wood par excellence for all interiors.

The layout was conceived by Cantiere del Pardo. The main deck is characterised by the sides that can open to create a new relaxation and socialisation area on the cockpit side and on the deckhouse side. The kitchen and bar positioned at the stern have windows which can open towards the sides, to create two relaxation zones with an external bar walled into the kitchen. Dining area and lounge are positioned more towards the bow on a raised zone to enjoy the scenic view. The layout designed by Cantiere del Pardo for the lower deck is the classic three cabin and three bathrooms, including that of the owner. Great importance has been given to the master cabin, characterised by large areas and stowage space and great luminosity given by the quantity of light which arrives through the hull windows and from this successful dosage of white and teak colours”.








Pardo Yachts are a brand of Cantiere del Pardo, Made in Italy.

For over forty years, Cantiere del Pardo has been integral in the the production of stylish, high performance vessels with both, quality and comfort combined. Now with 4000 boats constructed by this reputable brand they have been able to invest in new innovations and technologies to develop new models and improve customer care.

Think Italian styling focused on quality of materials and finishes where no intricate detail is left untouched. A vessel constructed to be both beautiful and powerful combined, designed to suit luxury taste while maintaining simplicity and comfort.








Eyachts – Managing Director, Peter Hrones understands day boats and has a keen eye for what’s next on the horizon.  Having imported over 100 day boats to Australia and New Zealand in recent years, he has good reason to stake his claim with Pardo yachts;

Hrones say’s, “Day-boats are becoming more and more popular every year. For many it has become  apparent that more than 80% of their usage is during the day onlyAnd so now we see many moving from bulk and accommodation to simplicity, quality and style

Hrones continues by saying, “To partner with such passionate owners at Cantiere del Pardo is so refreshing & exciting……people that really love boat design and what they are producing. Involving companies like Lamborghini to construct their major moving parts like the Carbon T- Top and carbon dash that hinges forward for easy technical accessibility.. I am drawn to this kind of clever engineering and cross pollination of the world’s best technology”

“Understanding our extreme weather and waterways in Australia and NZ, not every day boat is suitable for our market.  It is Pardo Yachts’ detail and construction methods that we now look for in our next generation day boats for our new and existing customers.”