Sealine C330 customer review

Morteza Mohajeri questioned by Marnie Ebeling

October 29, 2018

Sealine C330 Review

I was given the opportunity to ask the lovely Morteza Mohajeri why he chose and now loves his Sealine…

How long have you had your Sealine C330?

My Sealine C330 was handed over to me in March this year (2018), so it is coming up to 8 months.


How did you come across the model?

I was thinking of upgrading my previous boat and was looking at different brands and models including Sea Ray, Jeanneau  Leader 10, Jeanneau NC 9 and NC11, Regal, Prestige boats, etc. but none of them were matching well with what I had in my mind. I saw an advertisement  for the Sealine C330 by the Eyachts in the Club Marine Magazine. I did an online search on this boat, looking at all reviews published and watched all the video clips. Finally I narrowed down my options to either Sealine C330 or Jeanneau NC 11.

My wife, Teresa, and I had a look at the C330 and Jeanneau NC9 in the Sanctuary Cove International Boat Show (SCIBS) 2017 and we decided that C330 is the one that we would love to have.


What initially attracted you to Sealine?

There are many attractive features in this boat, at least from our point of view:

A-The design and layout in this boat is such that it looks like and feels like much bigger than 33 feet. It is very well lighted and bright inside with large glass windows. Bi-fold door and the large tilting window open the cockpit into the saloon creating a large space from transom to the cabins with two sets of sofas, a table, and a bar bench in cockpit for entertainment.

B-Starboard side door is a big bonus in this size boat which opens into a 32cm walkway with access to both the bow and the cockpit. This makes life a lot easier for the skipper.

C-The hard-top is much cooler and nicer than canvas bimini style and the electric sunroof is really an outstanding feature of this boat.

D-The cockpit retractable roof is attractive which gives the option of having a fully open cockpit or having a shade in hot sunny days.

E-Elevated skipper seat enhances visibility even for people as short as me, 165cm tall.

F-Beautifully designed and naturally well lighted master cabin with a double size island bed, good size walkway on both sides of the bed, two separate wardrobes and 4 large size drawers under the bed.

G-Large size mid cabin which  can easily sleep two adults with enough head room to sit up.  A large window, a porthole and also a wardrobe with a sofa and a drawer underneath.

H-The engine options of having a single or a twin setup.

I-Spacious Headroom/shower with a tall head height.

J-It appeared to me and my wife that this boat is safe to have toddler kids on board specially when the full canopy will be put on. Of course we didn’t see the canopy on display boat in SCIBS 2017, but we had seen it on video clips.

List what you love about the boat

A-Open plan, amount of natural light everywhere, large glass windows

B-Canopy with very large size widow clears provides ample space for toddlers to play without parents being worried about falling overboard. Canopy window clears are so big that having canopy on dose not obstruct the view at all. Sunroof, skipper’s side door and the hatch in the main cabin provide a very good airflow throughout the boat even with the canopy zipper door closed.

C-Electric sunroof adds to the amount of natural light in the saloon and when open brings in a good flow of fresh air.

D-Skipper’s side door is another fantastic feature of this 33 feet  boat which is good for  access to the bow, anchor, cockpit, viewing the front and side of the hull during docking and communicating with helping crew.

E-Large size headroom/shower with height of around 1.8m

F-Galley location in the saloon, hidden under a timber top cover which when closed  it can be used as a bench top as well.

G-Bi-fold door and tilting window  are another good features of this boat. When both closed the engine noise will be reduced significantly and when open it creates a modern open-plan space from transom to the cabin with two separate entertainment zones and a bar bench accommodating up to 8 people.

H-Master cabin is luxuriously designed with ample natural light, an opening hatch, two separate wardrobes, a double size island bed with enough space around it and 4 large drawers underneath.

I-Very spacious mid cabin and a queen size bed  which can easily sleep two adults with enough head  space to comfortably sit up in the bed or stand up in its compartment foyer. I like the large glass window which is just a little above the water level.

J-Visibility from helm seat is very good and even a short person like me ( 165cm tall ) can have a good view of the bow and beyond while getting on plane.

K-Design Category B with 8 people on board which makes it safe enough to go offshore.

L-Plenty of storage spaces, drawers, cupboards, and lockers.

M-Quality of manufacturing and finish

N-Fuel economy with single Volvo Penta D6 400 hp engine.  It burns around  46 lt/hr at cruising speed of 20-22Kn/hr and 2900-3000 RPM. However my average fuel  consumption has been around 29Lt/hr.

O-It is very versatile boat, not too big and not too small. It is very economical for day trips and has all the facilities for overnight stay as a weekender. My wife and I can easily and comfortably enjoy our fishing off the swim platform in a luxury.

P-It is very stable on water with minimal rolling under usual circumstances. It is very responsive and easy to handle making sailing her very enjoyable.

Q-Spacious engine room with easy access to all parts of engine making  maintenance easy and safe.


What is your favourite activity to do with your boat?

My wife, Teresa, and I like fishing as a hobby. We usually go out fishing before the first light in the morning, having breakfast on the boat with the sun rising and having a good time on the water with mother nature up until lunch time when we return. If we could catch a good fish to    keep that will be a bonus for the day. When we have our children, we usually go out for day trip, mainly boating, having breakfast and/or lunch on the boat. My daughter and son-in-law also enjoy fishing and they like to drop a line with occasional good catches.

Have you had a previous boat and what is difference with your new one?

This is my third boat in the last 6 years. I must say that my boating life started 7 years ago when I moved to Queensland and settled in Raby Bay. My first boat was a used 28 feet Sea Ray 275 Sundancer. Neither my wife nor myself liked it much as it was very unstable and rolling a lot. Nevertheless, we managed to have good times aboard her and I gained a lot of boating experience with her.  I upgraded her after 2 years to a new Jeanneau Leader 8. This one was a lot better and we were quite happy with her. However, I was worried to have my growing grandson on the boat as it was not child safe and had a petrol engine with possibility of high concentration of CO gas in the cabin. So, when I came across the Sealine C330 and going over all its features, interior design, size, versatility, and imagining my grandsons moving around in this boat, I thought that this is what we need and C330 is perfect for us, ticking all our boxes.


Tell us your highlights aboard your Sealine C330

It’s a boat that gives my wife and I a homey feeling. When we are aboard we feel comfortable and safe, enjoy panoramic views of the scenery through large side glass windows and one piece windscreen.  We feel comfortable and safe when we fish off the platform.  My wife and I usually have our breakfast on the boat at sun rise, listening to the sound of water and sometimes wind. Listening to our favourite music and if something exciting happening in the world we watch it on our TV in the saloon while keeping an eye on our fishing rods in the hope that one of them may go off and we catch our dreamed trophy fish!!  When we come back home I enjoy cleaning and washing our boat for around 2 hours and getting it ready for her next trip. My older grandson, 4 years old now, loves this boat and likes to stay on the boat and play there most part of the day when he is staying with us. I have the canopy on with its door closed so that he is safe to move around freely and I enjoy being with him without any worries.


I would like to say a few words about my dealer, Eyachts. I found the staff at Eyachts very helpful, knowledgeable, supportive and friendly. They were more concerned with helping me to get the right boat than merely making a sale. Eyachts Director, Peter Hrones was very helpful, supportive and flexible in dealing with me. He tried everything he could  to facilitate and make it affordable for me to own this boat. Eyachts Gold Coast sales manager, Rowan McMahon, was also outstanding in commissioning, organizing the handover and  provision of an excellent after-sale services. I highly recommend this boat to those with small kids in the family and I do not have any hesitation to strongly recommend the Sealine dealership, Eyachts.

Thank you Morteza Mohajeri for your amazing feedback.

October 29, 2018

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