Sirena 58 Family Party

BBQ & Foil Boarding

A day the family will not forget.

As daughter, sister, aunty and grandma Sues 60th birthday drew closer the family decided that we did not want to do something “typical” to celebrate this monumental birthday, we wanted to host a celebration we would all remember for years to come. As such we conducted a plan and told Sue that we were going to lunch at a nice restaurant. Little did she know…


To pull off this surprise we convinced Sue that we had to pick up something from the Sirena on the way to lunch and that we all needed to have a look, sounds suspicious when in writing but she didn’t have a clue. Arriving at the boat the entire family was waiting to surprise her and surprised she was.

With crew aboard champagnes and Aperol spritz was made on arrival as we departed the Marina in the beautiful Pittwater. The sky was painted a pale blue with shimmering navy water padding the way for the elegant Sirena 58. Within a blink of an eye and without a motion we were picking up a mooring at Refuge bay, at the entrance to the Hawkesbury River.

No time was wasted before the younger of the bunch were jumping off the flybridge, diving off the bow and doing backflips off the hydraulic platform. With inflatables tie onto the back those who wanted to could relax while sipping their beverages and dipping their toes in the ocean. For those who were daring enough a remote controlled foiling board was brought out and after a few failed attempts the more balanced off the bunch were up and flying at above 10 kts doing donuts around the 58 ft yacht.

Seafood sizzled on the flybridge BBQ while other used the outdoor shower to get clean before a stunning feast was laid out and indulged by all. The family dispersed across the vessel into the many social areas including the aft table, the saloon area and the flybridge, all coming together on the bow sunbed and chairs to hear toasts by all to the incredible woman Sue is.

Youngest of those aboard was 4-year-old Milo who was having the absolute time of his life and despite being lucky to go on many other boats in his life stated, “The Sirena 58 is my favourite, it has so many places to play”. He would not stop moving and exploring the vessel but luckily the high railings and safety features meant that everyone could relax has he explored on his own terms.

Skipper Joe Fox stated, “The Sirena 58 has the characteristics of a very large motor yacht but with the handling and manoeuvring of a much smaller vessel. Great visibility from both helm stations means that you can safely manoeuvre the vessel in a range of weather conditions. The addition of joystick piloting means that the boat can be controlled with pinpoint accuracy when manoeuvring in a marina. With 16 guests on board running the boat as a solo skipper was simple and easy.”

The entire family could not stop raving about how luxurious and comfortable the Sirena was and had one of the best days ever spent together as a family.


Award Nominations & Winners

Award Nominations & Winners

It is always a great feeling when the brands that we represent get nominated for awards and this year Axopar models were nominated for 3 separate awards including European Motor Boat of the Year and Boating Awards as well as Motorboat and Yachtings award along with the Pardo 50 and Sirena 88.

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Sirena 58 Walkthroughs

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