Why Sirena Yachts


Reasons why Sirena is perfect for Australia and New Zealand

  • Design
  • Hull and exterior – Germán Frers
  • Interior – Cor D. Rover and Tommaso Spadolini
  • Semi-displacement hull – fuel efficient and fast
  • Top speeds – 25-30kts
  • Cruising Speeds – 18-20kts
  • Very efficient speeds – 10kts
  • Carbon hybrid superstructure = Less top heavy and low centre of gravity
  • 20% more volume than other boats of this size – spacious saloon, berths and flybridge, perfect for entertaining

“For Australia, the carbon superstructure and T-Top, vertical windows and ample shade are perfect for sun protection, plus with the hydraulic platform as standard it couldn’t be easier to jump in the ocean and cool off.” – Says Hrones.


Eyachts Australia Sirena 58


An exceptional boat inside and out the Sirena 58 offers the best performance in her class.  The efficient modern semi-displacement hull is an example of the cutting edge design of this brand.

Sirena 58 Coupe, Eyachts Australia and New Zealand


A spectacular luxury motor yacht suited to Australian conditions with plenty of shade and protection from the elements. Able to explore all corners of the world in comfort, safety and low fuel consumption.

Sirena, Eyachts Australia and New Zealand


All the brilliant design expertise of Sirena comes together in this unique long-range cruising vessel. Enjoy a home away from home with multiple layouts and customisation options available to meet your needs.

Sirena, Eyachts Australia and New Zealand


The new 68 is built on a hull that marries efficiency and performance seamlessly. The interior is a special kind of intersection where craftsmanship meets utility, elevating every aspect of the space to make it feel welcoming.

Sirena, Eyachts Australia and New Zealand


A luxury motor yacht that exceeds all expectations.  With a cruising range of 2000 nautical miles and width and volume on board that defy her size, the Sirena 88 is a ground zero for the pocket Superyacht concept.


Adventures During Pandemic

Adventures During Pandemic

“A lot of boats you can’t sleep on it or you can only fish on it and here we are doing 7 or 8 different things.” Says Hrones. “This just goes to show how truly versatile these vessels are, they really can be used for everything.”

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Axopar Wakeboarding

Axopar Wakeboarding

I bet you never thought you’d be reading this story. You’re probably thinking “but Axopars aren’t designed to make wake…” Well you are CORRECT! Axopars are known for making minimal wake, which is a positive thing, except when you want to wakeboard. Let me introduce...

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Sail GP Sydney

Sail GP Sydney

When we found out that Sail GP would be in Sydney again in 2020 it was a sure thing Eyachts was taking out the Axopar 28 T-Top to get in on the action! For those who don’t know Sail GP features some of the most technologically advanced sailing boats in the world. The...

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