New Axopar 28 Features


In 2018 Axopar unleashed the 28 Series 2 with many subtle and important changes to the look, feel and most importantly the hull for a more comfortable, stiffer, stronger, safer and more responsive 28 than before.

Such is the enduring popularity of the Axopar 28, that a series of carefully orchestrated, customer-led improvements and an updated options list for the 2021 Model Year are intended to bring the 28 more in-line with the look and feel of the all-new Axopar 37 range. 




SERIES 2 – 2018 changes

Without tampering with the boat’s essential DNA and core values, customers were already familiar with, every detail they can see, touch and feel about the all new Axopar 28 Series 2 was improved. 

Axopar increased the stakes in terms of quality and engineering, such that every shape and curvature has been honed to perfection with an extensive re-think their modular construction. Everything from the hull stringers, transom, engine mounting etc was revised and now stronger and stiffer, with an enhanced level of fit & finish than ever before.

For added stability and improved balance, the hull has been scaled by 1.5%, equating to slightly longer length overall (increased by 13cm) and wider beam (increased by 5cm) and for greater passenger comfort inside the cockpit, the hull sides have been raised by 8cm and the deck level by 4cm respectively.



Axopar, Eyachts Australia and New Zealand

Hull and Deck

Smoothened spray rails, New stringer system and transom construction, New joining method for deck and hull, New antiskid pattern, Larger anchor / bow hatch, openable with sun deck cushions, Stronger hatches and improved finish, Revised gasketing for improved water tightness, Smaller clearance between hatches and deck, Larger inspection hatch, front deck (technical space), Base for installations as part of stringer system, Improved shape and water deflection on bow thruster flanges, New bumper rail, added impact protection and fixing, Revised bumper with improved cushioning, rubber end caps, Wider bathing platforms for single-engine version, New alignment of trim tabs, Fender storage aft double-sided moulds.


Axopar, Eyachts Australia and New Zealand

Helm & toilet compartment

Helm Console painted in Nextel surface, Black high gloss helm panel, in conjunction with factory, Installed GPS, Glass control panel with Axopar logo, Arm rest for driver, AX28 Open / TT models, Hose down helm, AX28 Open / TT, Revised seat base for drivers seat console, 20mm added space between aft sofa / drivers seat console.

Head has added space for greater comfort, Headliner and inner liner, Toilet door in double mould, Access hatches in varnished walnut, Improved access to main electrics, larger mirror.



Axopar, Eyachts Australia and New Zealand

Technical improvements

Vapor closed fuel tank compartment, Linked dual wiper arms, New placement of fuel tank gauge, New fuel tank gauge, Wema tube sensor, Additional bilge pump for front section, in front of fuel tank, Closed drainage between front and aft section of hull, Upgraded interior level on Day Cruiser aft cabin, Loops in light mast for courtesy flags, ALL, Access for aft step cleaning, draining, Revised double mould for toilet door, higher-finish and stiffer, Unified main switch panel position, Cleats with Axopar logotype.



Axopar, Eyachts Australia and New Zealand


Bow thruster w. additional battery space in front, Portable butane cooker, Aft deck bench/storage, 4th battery configuration (twin engines), Wider sunshade on foredeck, Extended sunbed, foredeck, Revised aft cabin sunbed look, New vendor and improved quality for canopies, Black Corian top surface in toilet, w. freshwater option, Underwater lights, Bluefin LED, Garmin VHF110i, replaced by new 110i, Garmin 18HD+ radome radar Mercury Anti Theft, Mercury VesselView Mobile / WiFi, New placement of SideVü and DownVü, Switched position of septic and water tank position, Refrigerator Cool Machine -5liter, New waterski pole, Illuminated model designation (Axopar 28 Cabin) and switch panel logo in incl. in LED deck lights, Freshwater option now including faucet and drain in cockpit.




Axopar, Eyachts Australia and New Zealand

Open / T-Top models

Window frame from AX24, New windscreen curvature, without large A pilars, New additional storage / battery access, Water drain channels in cockpit floor from aft cabin seating.


Axopar, Eyachts Australia and New Zealand

Cabin model

Revised windscreen curvature, smaller A pilar, Wraparound glass surfaces, Thicker windows +1mm (6mm), glued from outside, 10mm added standing height in Cabin model, Grab rail under cabin roof on aft deck, Varnished wood surfaces, vertical surfaces.


Axopar, Eyachts Australia and New Zealand

Day Cruiser Aft Cabin option

Aft cabin with integrated headliner, Large roof hatch / cargo hatch, Lewmar Flush 70cm, Entry hatch in double mould, Indirect lighting in panels, Added storage under aft cabin mattress, New upholstery for aft bed mattress (AX37).




Foremost amongst these changes is a new driver’s console, with associated navigation and driver aids. In a quest to unify electronic systems across all Axopar models, Simrad® technology will replace the Axopar 28’s previously used Garmin instrumentation. The best of these new instrumentation options for the Axopar 28 is a marginally wider and more expansive, full width ‘Glass Helm Information Display.’ The multi-functional display avoids the need for fragmented instrumentation and randomly located switch gear, by replacing this with a clean and modern looking, full glass, bespoke graphic user-interface screen. The Simrad® IDS system (Dual 12”) with custom glass screen, is an integral aspect of the boat’s overall design. Driver focused and OEM brand specific, it offers integrated vessel start-up check, eco/sport driving modes with active driving-assist features, entertainment and media control and monitoring via a simple touch-screen display. The system integration incorporates Mercury Marine outboard engines as well.

Axopar, Eyachts Australia and New Zealand


Externally, the Axopar 28 Cabin roof will feature a new design with integrated gunwales, and further incentivised by the strong, outdoors ‘adventure’ theme, an optional roof rack to bring along customers’ outdoors equipment, like bicycles, kayaks and SUP boards to mention but a few. The 28’s rub rail protection around the outside of the hull has been improved. Similar to the Axopar 37, protection now includes an additional rub rail around the edge of the revised swim platforms, as standard. The standard colour for this will be grey, or black on boats with ‘BRABUS Line trim package’ visual upgrades. The swim platforms have increased in size, and boarding from the water is now significantly easier, courtesy of a new (optional), high-handle ladder, when added to the starboard side.


Axopar 37 Spyder


An open boat allowing you to feel the wind in your hair and sun on your shoulders. Spacious and versatile and a dream to drive.

28 T-TOP

A bright airy cockpit with the benefit of a canvas roof offering some shade on summer days.

Axopar 37 X Cabin


The ultimate affordable leisure craft is here. A dream to drive and with the space and comfort for a perfect time on the water.