Eco-friendly liveaboard boating with electric or hybrid options.

Silent and Sustainable Yachting in Australia and New Zealand

The Greenline 39 epitomizes sophisticated design, advanced technology, and eco-friendly production. As a leader in sustainable boating, this hybrid yacht delivers an unparalleled experience for eco-conscious enthusiasts in Australia and New Zealand. Greenline Yachts proudly offers the only complete fleet with options for conventional, hybrid, or electric drives. While diesel engines are still available, Greenline uses the most efficient ones to ensure responsible diesel boating.

Packed with innovative features, this 39 foot yacht promises silent, sustainable performance through its advanced hybrid propulsion system and superior insulation. Designed as a home away from home, it combines luxury and practicality, making it ideal for boaters who prioritize comfort and environmental responsibility.

Greenline Yachts aims to provide unmatched onboard comfort. The Greenline 39 has a bank of 4 solar panels as standard, as such, all appliances can be used without a generator or shore power, eliminating noise, vibrations, and emissions. High-performance LiPo batteries enable silent operation of even high-load appliances like air-conditioning.

Cruise in comfort and luxury with the Greenline 39, a hybrid yacht that embodies eco-friendly boating. Its innovative features and commitment to sustainability offer a unique blend of performance, luxury, and environmental responsibility, making it perfect for discerning boaters in Australia and New Zealand.



11.99 m


3.75 m


25 kts


700 L

Draft empty

0.9 m

Displacement (Empty)

7000 kg


4 + 2


Vinyl ester resin


B - Offshore


Volvo D3 220hp - Standard


1,32 kW


J&J Designs


SVP Yachts


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Experience Home-Like Comfort on the Seas

Greenline, Eyachts Australia and New Zealand


The Greenline 39 boasts a thoughtfully designed exterior that prioritizes safety and convenience. Its sheltered cockpit and deep side decks provide maximum protection and safety, allowing for secure movement around the boat. The helmstand side door enhances maneuverability, ensuring easy access and control. Additionally, the saloon’s electric sliding roof creates an open, airy space, blending seamlessly with the boat’s sleek design.

Greenline, Eyachts Australia and New Zealand


Inside, the Greenline 39 continues to impress with its blend of luxury and practicality. The aft galley, a signature feature of Greenline, merges the cockpit and galley into a spacious social area, perfect for entertaining. With a full-size freezer and one-level living from the bathing platform to the helm, the yacht offers the comfort and convenience of home. The 360˚ panoramic view ensures an abundance of natural light, creating a bright and welcoming environment. The adaptive owner’s cabin provides flexible sleeping arrangements, making the Greenline 39 an ideal choice for extended cruising in Australia and New Zealand.

Greenline, Eyachts Australia and New Zealand


Greenline Yachts is a pioneer in hybrid propulsion, offering the only complete fleet with conventional, hybrid, or electric drives. The Greenline 39 offers HDrive technology, refined over years of innovation, to deliver maximum efficiency and comfort. For those seeking the pinnacle of sustainable boating, the EDrive technology offers a fully electric drive system, providing silent, emission-free propulsion and integrated energy management for all onboard systems. This commitment to responsible boating ensures that the Greenline 39 not only meets but exceeds the expectations of eco-conscious boaters in Australia and New Zealand.






Can't decide between electric or diesel engines? Hybrid is the answer. Through the immeasurable effort in engineering expertise, time and money invested during the development phase of the Greenline Yachts, this state-of-the-art product offers great performance, reliability and user friendliness at incredible value for money. A lighter and stronger yacht further increases energy efficiency and performance.


All Greenline Yachts come standard with;

  • Full Roof Solar Panels
  • Battery Management System
  • Lithium service batteries
  • Minimum 5kW Inverter
  • Full-size fridge & Freezer
  • Bow Thruster
  • Convection Oven
  • Anchor Winch


Pickup your Greenline Yacht in Europe, explore the Adriatic and then get it sent back to Australia.

For decades’ sailboat companies have been doing European pick-ups. Not only are many of the world’s best boats built in Europe but Europe is also home to some of the most picturesque waterways.

This opportunity is exclusive to Eyachts.

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Does Hybrid Work? Greenline Hybrid Owner Testimonial

“The hybrid system worked well. The solar panel set up is huge and catered for everything we needed and for the 7 years we owned the boat we never felt the need for a generator. We always appreciated the backup from Eyachts and we have purchased other boats from them since then and experienced the same support.” – Jon Fleming, Greenline 40 Owner.

Axopar new owner customer review

Axopar 37 Customer testimonial Victoria

Axopar 37 Cabin Owner Robert loves “the internal cabin, the wide opening sunroof and sun lounge. The driving position is very comfortable… the Mercury Outboards run an economical cruising speed of 35kts and push the top speed to over 50kts,” adding. “We have a great relationship with Rowan and Peter… Eyachts are a great team, all staff are professional and courteous.”

Customer driving his new Axopar boat

Eyachts Customer Review

“Eyachts and VesselTec have been a pleasure to deal with. The test drive was informative and enjoyable, and the team have been very professional throughout the buying and service process.”
– Stephen and Raina

Axopar 28 customers sitting on their new boat

Repeat Eyachts owner review

Previously owning a Greenline 40 Hybrid for 8 years the Flemings were looking to downsize and found the perfect fit, the Axopar 28 Cabin.

Jon and Anne are already in love with their Axopar, it fulfils all their needs with the enclosed helm and how quiet and peaceful it is with the doors closed and retractable roof open. Jon talked about how well it rode at 25knots and the ease of steering with the 300hp Mercury Outboard.

Axopar Owner Review

3 Time Eyachts Owner Review

Dave owned his 28 T-Top for only 6 short months before upgrading to a 37 Sun Top and now with a 28 Cabin, so I think it is safe to say he has a bit of experience with Axopars. We thought he would be the perfect person to talk to about the various models, likes, dislikes and the adventures they have taken him on.

Ebrokerage Greenline 33

Ebrokerage Greenline 33 Review by Cres James

“Dianna and I wish to say a very big thank you for your generous gift. We will enjoy the Moët on board… I would also like to express my thanks for your assistance, advice and guidance during the purchase and insurance process as well as to all your staff. It was an absolute pleasure to conduct business with you and all at Eyachts (Ebrokerage).”

Axopar customer new handover drinking champagne

Greenline 33 to 39 Review

The 39 builds on the 33’s open, liveable, practical, modern attributes and adds more space, functionality and sea friendliness, it’s so much easier to use. Peter Hrones showed that he is a true Gentleman and his company, Eyachts, reflects this approach to business.”-Ian

Greenline 39 with quote

Greenline 39 Review – Tasmania

“I have no hesitation in recommending Eyachts. I have recently purchased a Greenline 39 and the sales experience and after sales service have been exceptional. The level of communication is well above that which I expected. The boat itself is incredible; it handles...

Eyachts Review by Ian and Julianne

Axopar 28 owner Ian was extremely impressed by the Eyachts team and how helpful everyone was. “Well done Axopar and the eYachts team!”
“This boat is a winner for a (ok retired!) couple like us who want to have confidence in the manufacturer and dealer.”

Greenline 40 Customer Boat

Greenline 40 Testimonial by The Flemings

“The boat is perfect for extended cruising. With 6 solar panels built into the cabin roof, there is ample power always available through a 5kW inverter without the need of a generator. We have twin 150hp marine Diesel engines, plus the option of running on electric.”

Greenline 48 review

Greenline 48 FLY Customer Review with Peter Osborn

“Transitioning from sail to motor – love the displacement hull that enables me to cruise 10knots if I want or crank up to 20 +. Huge range and least expensive which is important for a yachtie. Massive wide and deep sidewalks…”

New Greenline 39 Owners Greg and Cheryl

Greenline 39 – Cheryl-Lynn and Greg Smith

Cheryl-Lynn and Greg have purchased the Greenline 39 after years of sailing. They plan to go on day trips on Lake Macquarie with the family, cruise down to Pittwater for the weekend and further explore the beautiful NSW coastline in the comfort and safety of their new Greenline.

Greenline 39

Greenline owners – Jon & Anne Flemming

“The Greenline stood out from the crowd…We are absolutely thrilled with boat and our experience with Eyachts have been very good.”

Greenline, Eyachts Australia and New Zealand

Greenline 39 Review – John Bossi

“We love it! We have 3 children and lots of friends and family we like to entertain. The Greenline is a perfect fit for our lifestyle – it’s truly an entertainers’ boat.” John Bossi

tmg eyachts team photo

Eyachts Team Review by John Bossi

Working with the team in Sydney was great… there were never problems, only solutions.
I found that across the board with everyone I was in contact with at Eyachts.
I’ve made a lot of purchases from dental equipment to motorcycles. I have never experienced a standard set so high across an organisation.



Does Hybrid Work? Greenline Hybrid Owner Testimonial

Does Hybrid Work? Greenline Hybrid Owner Testimonial

“The hybrid system worked well. The solar panel set up is huge and catered for everything we needed and for the 7 years we owned the boat we never felt the need for a generator. We always appreciated the backup from Eyachts and we have purchased other boats from them since then and experienced the same support.” – Jon Fleming, Greenline 40 Owner.

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Greenline Hybrid System

Greenline Hybrid System

Greenline Yachts is the leading manufacturer of eco-friendly and sustainable yachts, with the only complete fleet offering hybrid propulsion. Since 2008 Greenline Yachts have been developing and investing in creating the best hybrid solution and have now launched their 6th generation of hybrid.

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