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Brand New Rand 28 Leisure

We Love Boating – December 2023

The Leisure 28 provides an incredibly spacious sense of luxury in an effortlessly functional layout that includes a large triple aft sun lounge, expandable oversize u-sofa, full kitchen, private enclosed toilet and luxury queen bed cabin in the lower deck. Watch this walkthrough review…

Rand Leisure 28 sea trial review

Motorboat&Yachting – April 2023

There’s more to Danish company Rand than small electric Picnic boats, as Hugo Andreae discovers with a sea trial of the V8-powered Rand Leisure 28…

Rand Leisure 28

Gründl-Bootsimport – 2022

The Rand Leisure 28 is the boat of the hour for those looking for a forward-thinking day cruiser with overnight accommodation.

RAND Mana 23: ultimate stylish electric day cruiser

Bates Wharf – 2021

The RAND Mana 23 is the ultimate and most stylish electric day cruiser on the market. The open day cruiser has a unique functional layout able to accommodate up to 10 people with dining area located in the bow and a double aft sun lounge with extendable backrest. By placing the majority of seats in the front, the Mana 23 furthermore allows the captain to partake in the conversation while having great visibility of crew members.

Rand Picnic 18 – ultrasimple approach to social activity at sea

Bates Wharf – 2021

Picnic 18 is the new, ultrasimple approach to social activity at sea. Designed around the central picnic-table the 18ft open daycruiser is the perfect platform for plug-and-play social experiences on water, and has bonded friends and families through early brunch outings to the late night swims across the world since it’s launch in 2015.

Rand Supreme 27

Bates Wharf – 2021

Spacious and comfortable like nothing else in the category, the Supreme 27 is a spectacle of fun and games at sea, with a multitude of entertainment options and seating areas, all wrapped up in the usable and functionalistic RAND Boats design.

Rand Leisure 28

Bates Wharf – 2021

With 8,44 meters worth of lush and spacious luxury, Leisure 28 is a top priority among motorboat connoisseurs and those seeking the ultimate marriage between modern Scandinavian design and raw performance. Leisure 28 has become one of the most popular luxury designer boats in its class.

Rand Escape 30 yacht tour

Motor Boat & Yachting – 2021

30ft cruiser with a very unexpected choice of engines! At this year’s Cannes Yachting Festival, Motor Boat & Yachting editor Hugo Andreae took the chance to look inside the Rand Escape 30, which is the Danish yard’s largest electric boat to date.