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Axopar 45 Cross Cabin Boat Test

Boating Magazine – March 2023

Axopar’s 45 XC Cross Cabin is based on the same hugely successful formula as its smaller sisters, the 37, 28, 25 and the entry-level 22—but this one’s on steroids.

Axopar 45 XC Yacht Tour & Review

YachtBuyer – April 2023

In this walkthrough tour and review by YachtBuyer, shot during the 2023 Düsseldorf Boat Show, Jack Haines sees if this is the most comfortable cruising boat in the impressive Axopar line-up.

Axopar 45 Cross Cabin Review

Yachts Croatia – July 2023

Axopar 45 XC Cross Cabin boasts elegant Scandinavian interiors and innovative solutions is the ideal boat for unbridled adventurers.

Axopar 37 Sun-Top

Nordic Noir – March 2023

Axopar spearheaded the explosion in the sport dayboat segment and has spawned a raft of near copies. Even so, wonders Scott Alle, does the Axopar 37 Sun-Top maintain and improve on what’s been a winning formula so far?

Axopar 25 Performance Review

Joe Fox – October 2022

Joe Fox tests the new Axopar 25 in rough offshore conditions. With rain on the horizon and 2 metres of messy swell and surface chop off of Sydney heads we thought, what better way to show off what this boat can do.

The new 8m 40-knot open cabin cruiser

Barche a Motore – July 2022

For anyone looking for something more than an open boat, Axopar has the solution. It is called the Axopar 25, available in Cross Top and Cross Bow versions.

Axopar 25

Powerboat & Rib – March 2022

PBR’s Alex Whittaker flies south to the Bay of Cannes to test the latest open-cockpit, two-berth sports offering from Axopar.

Axopar 22 Reviewed

Tradeaboat – February 2021

The Axopar success story rolls on with the release of their smallest model yet. According to the company, the latest 22 has been the most complicated design process to date for a model aimed at a wider appeal, especially to a younger audience.