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Yacht Tour : Axopar 37 Cross Cabin

We Love Boating – February 2024

Scott Embury explores this stunning, innovative adventure machine. Flexible aft cockpit, clever cross cabin with forward-raked windscreen, and fantastic gull-wing doors to the forward cabin. A spectacular boat; enjoy the walkthrough.

Axopar 25 : Boat Walkthrough & Review

We Love Boating – February, 2024

Small enough to fit on a trailer, but big enough to go on an action-packed adventure, the Axopar 25 Cross Top has many clever design features that provide ample storage, room and comfort for a day on the water.

Yacht Tour : Axopar 37 Sun Top

We Love Boating – January 2024

Scott Embury presents a full walkthrough of the fantastic Axopar 37 Sun Top. A flexible day-boat with a light, airy cabin. The sun top offers sun control. Enjoy the boat review.

NEW Axopar 29: Sun Top vs XC CrossCabin – which is BEST?

YachtBuyer – January 2024

Join us for our tour of both the highly-anticipated Axopar 29 ST (Sun Top) and Axopar 29 XC Cross Cabin, the latest additions to the Axopar family that replace the immensely popular Axopar 28 ST & 28 Cabin. Jack Haines of YachtBuyer, delivers a walkthrough tour of both boats at Boot Dusseldorf 2024. Jack takes you through the main features and innovations of this brand-new range.

Axopar 29 Full Walkthrough Tour & Review

East Coast Yacht Sales – January 2024

Join Mike Porter from East Coast Yacht Sales on an exciting adventure in Vaasa, Finland, as takes you through the all new Axopar 29. Get a quick and direct look at the boat in action and explore its features in this extensive walkthrough tour.

Axopar 45 XC Cross Cabin Review: Call to Adventure

Yachts Croatia – Jun 2023

Axopar 45 Cross Top Australia Eyachts
Axopar 45 Cross Cabin

If we could name one builder whose projects have redefined the open cruiser with outboard engines trend and gave it its 21st century style, it would be the Finnish Axopar. Their latest model, Axopar 45, takes another step in that same direction.

2022 Axopar 22 T-Top review

Boat Sales – Jun 2022

Axopar is evolving as a boat brand built around sunshine and adventure. Its growing range of low, long and fast dayboats has established a look that is sweeping the dayboat industry as rivals rush to cash in on the Finnish boat-maker’s market success.

Axopar 45 Cross Cabin Boat Test

Boating Magazine – March 2023

Axopar’s 45 XC Cross Cabin is based on the same hugely successful formula as its smaller sisters, the 37, 28, 25 and the entry-level 22—but this one’s on steroids.