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Axopar 22 Reviewed

Tradeaboat – February 2021

The Axopar success story rolls on with the release of their smallest model yet. According to the company, the latest 22 has been the most complicated design process to date for a model aimed at a wider appeal, especially to a younger audience. 

Axopar 22 Spyder Boat Review

Club Marine – December 2021

Dom Wiseman is testing the Axopar 22 Spyder. The 22 is a driver’s boat, offering great handling, seaworthiness and is ideal for water sports.

Axopar 22 Full Tour

Boat Trader – September 2021

Axopar has expanded their fleet with a competitive new model in 2022, called the 22 Spyder. This 22-foot center console sport boat offers great value for the money along with excellent handling and efficiency in a nifty, stylish little package.

The new AXOPAR 22 | Review

Boote Polch – March 2021

The new Axopar 22 finally arrived in Germany. We record a full review from the new Axopar 22. If you want to help us to improve our Videos, please write us a comment and give us some feedback.

Axopar 22 First Test Drive

Powerboat & Rib – January 2021

In an industry where existing hulls often get tweaked or stretched to create something new, it is pleasing to see a new design whose performance on the water vindicates the R&D invested in it. As a result, I suspect the Axopar 22 will make a big impact, not just because of the point-and-shoot driving experience it offers, but because in its various guises it will appeal to a wide audience ‒ not least due to the price tags.

Axopar 22 Walkthrough

Powerboat & Rib – December 2020

Join PBR on an exclusive walk through of the all new Axopar 22 Spyder and X Jobe Revolve Edition.

Tested: Axopar 24 Open and Hard Top

Venemestari Finland – 2017

“Eye-catcher.” Although the 24 is the smallest in the range, its design is by no means modest or reduced, on the contrary. The Axopar 24 not only looks modern and upscale but also feels like a fully featured family member alongside the larger models

Axopar 24 On Test

Powerboat & RIB – September 2016

The Axopar 24 T-Top on test with Powerboat and RIB Magazine’s Technical Editor Greg Copp. Functionality, practicality and good sporting looks come together in this typical Scandinavian design.