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Axopar 28 Cabin Review – 2019

See the indepth video review and article following the test of the Axopar 28 Cabin in some rough sea conditions. Find out how it performs.

Axopar 28 First Impression – January 2019

From Finland, Axopar boats look different, perform well, and provide versatility and easy maintenance. The new 28 series exemplifies this ethos. Take a look.

Finnish Fun: Axopar 28

Club Marine – September 2018

If you happen to get a chance to drive the Axopar 28, you’ll discover what a soft-riding, sure-footed and seaworthy beast it truly is. Blink and you’ll think you’re aboard a North Sea rescue craft or military stealth vessel.

Axopar 28 Review Video

Boating New Zealand – June 2017

It’s a very flat smooth ride, not bouncing about, the boat stays very level. There is great visibility from the helm.

Stepping Up the Speed – Axopar 28

Boating New Zealand – June 2017

If you are expecting the Axopar 28 to look like a traditional 8.5m powerboat, you’re in for a surprise. And if you’re expecting it to perform like one, you’re in for a shock.

Tested: Axopar 28 AC

Pacific Yachting Canada – June 2016

“The performance and fuel economy are both outstanding. Fit and finish are also first-rate. Its striking design is another feature that will draw in customers… From bow to stern this new offering is a refreshing departure from the norm.”

Axopar 28TT Test

Powerboat and RIB – May 2016

Greg Copp faces the wrath of a feisty sea to test a craft clearly designed to tackle all but the most challenging of conditions…


Ultimate Sports Boats Super Test: Axopar 28 OC + 2 Others

Motorboat and Yachting UK – May 2015

A comparison of the Axopar 28 OC + Draco 27RS, XO 250 and Paragon Ranger 25 – “When it comes down to the wire, the Axopar stands out as the most talented all-rounder of the bunch, and combines many of the best elements of the other three boats without ever feeling bland or compromised”

Axopar 28 OC Review

Motorboat and Yachting – February 2015

We get the long awaited Axopar 28 OC out on the water for its first UK sea trial. The upright bow oozes intent, peeling down to a hard knuckle of sprayrail, which deepens and widens as it surges aft.