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The future of boating is here and it looks as good as it performs.

RAND not only creates cutting-edge boats that look stunning and perform exceptionally well, they are also focussed on becoming the world’s most sustainable and environmentally friendly mainstream boat brand. Delivering the ultimate expression of design, function and quality, RAND boats set a new benchmark for sustainable, practical and infinitely stylish power boating.

By combining sleek Scandinavian craftsmanship and design with innovative and sustainable principles, RAND has created a contemporary range of luxury power boats that offer a real and viable alternative to traditional Internal Combustion Engine (ICE) vessels with silent and emission free cruising now within reach.

All RAND hulls are constructed with materials developed from recycled plastic bottles and all wooden trim elements are obtained entirely from certified sustainable forests. Even the luxurious ‘leather’ upholstery options are in fact cruelty-free alternatives. When compared to similar mainstream boat production techniques, RAND Boats use only half of the material when producing boats.

Uniquely, every model in the RAND boats portfolio can be configured with 100% Electric Propulsion, but for those particular clients demanding the styling, finish and sophistication of the RAND boats but with a traditional power-train, every model can also be specified with the latest inboard or outboard ICE (Internal combustion engine) propulsion.

Ideal for both experienced boat owners and those new to the lifestyle but inspired by the RAND philosophy and style, RAND Boats are designed for high usability, with layouts that invite people aboard, are designed for socialisation and ensure easy intuitive handling.

Whether you are looking for a simple, stylish yet practical daycruiser, a handsome and adventurous family weekender or even a stunning cafe-racer style head-turner, be prepared to fall in love with the seriously euro-chic styling and incredible ease of use of these sustainable and sexy power boats.


Eyachts Rand ESCAPE 30


Electric or ICE propulsion

Solara 33 redefines boating with Scandinavian design, sustainability, and technology, bridging the price gap between electric and traditional luxury vessels. Its solar-powered catamaran offers peak efficiency, comfort, and a luxurious water lounge experience.

RAND Archipelago 32


Electric or ICE propulsion

Indulge in luxury with Archipelago 32, a refined escape redefining leisure. Versatile, stylish, and off-grid capable, it ensures year-round comfort for unforgettable moments with friends and family.

RAND Roamer 29


Electric or ICE propulsion

The Roamer 29 redefines maritime exploration with its blend of usability, style, and comfort. Its convertible pilothouse provides protection for thrilling adventures or peaceful solitude, allowing full immersion in the maritime experience.

Eyachts Rand Leisure 28


Electric or ICE propulsion

Defined by contemporary Scandinavian design and stunning raw performance, the iconic RAND Leisure 28 is the ultimate fusion of exhilaration and relaxation in effortless style.

RAND SUpreme 27


Electric or ICE propulsion

Like nothing else in its category, RAND Supreme 27 is a spacious, comfortable and high-performance bowrider with graceful, modern and timeless lines that redefine what fun and luxury on the water is really about.

Eyachts Rand SPITIR 25


Electric or ICE propulsion

RAND Spirit 25 is one of the most captivating and classically handsome luxury motorboats on the market, combining iconic aesthetics with raw performance and perfectly balanced handling.

Eyachts Rand PICNIC 18


Electric or ICE propulsion

Minimalist and graceful, this 24ft day boat offers impressive levels of customization and comfort with an unmatched sense of space and an unrivalled sociable layout for friends and family.

Eyachts Rand MANA 23


Electric or ICE propulsion

The extraordinary hull design and unique functional layout of the RAND Mana 23 makes it arguably the most stylish, intuitive, efficient and environmentally friendly electric day runabout on the market.

Eyachts RAND 22 Source Australia


Electric or ICE propulsion

One of the fastest electric boats on the market today, the RAND Source 22 is built for speed and adventure, boasting a brand new hull design, next generation styling and incredible performance to match.

RAND Breeze 20


Electric or ICE propulsion

Discover the groundbreaking eco-boating design of the RAND Breeze 20, crafted for effortless cruising without compromising functionality, comfort, or performance.

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RAND in Australia and New Zealand

Eyachts have always been at the forefront of the marine industry when it comes to selecting sustainable and innovative brands to represent. Extensive research, real-world experience and global industry knowledge form the foundation of our decisions when it comes to introducing new designs. The company was one of the first to import electric boats into Australia, and now they are introducing a boat brand that is doing so much more than any other on the market. As the renowned specialists of European dayboats, now the largest importer of this segment in Australia, the Danish-design and engineered next-generation range of RAND electric powerboats is set to fit perfectly into the Eyachts portfolio


The individualist’s range of yachts with an automotive bloodline.

RAND has spent nearly a decade intensively investing in research, innovation, and real-world testing to now be able to offer truly viable and practical 100% electric powertrains throughout their range. They have also focussed on creating a style and design philosophy that defines the RAND boats as iconic products in their own right. It is this blend of inspiring Scandanavian design with technical developments, hydro-dynamic research and advances in modern manufacturing processes that grants the RAND boat their iconic status.

RAND’s unique approach combines an idealist vision of the future with real-world demands. Their strategy stays true to the undiluted vision of 100% electric propulsion across their entire range for those early adopters ready to embrace the future now while also offering the RAND design, style and advances in sustainable production with traditional ICE (Internal Combustion Engine) propulsion for those not quite yet ready for the leap.

Every RAND is constructed with materials developed from recycled plastic bottles, and all timber is obtained entirely from certified sustainable forests. The luxurious ‘leather’ upholstery options are, in fact, modern cruelty-free alternatives. When compared to similar old-school boat manufacturing techniques, RAND’s production facilities use only half of the raw materials. With this sustainable build approach, even traditional ICE powered RANDs have a vastly improved green footprint.

The RAND range already contains no fewer than 9 individual models spanning 18’ to 30’ with new designs either already tooled-up or well advanced on the drawing board. With 500+ boats currently being built every year and a new high-tech production facility exclusively owned by RAND coming online soon, it is clear that what may have seemed a concept of the future is now very much here.

Electric propulsion models can achieve speeds in excess of 40 knots, and with the latest in lithium battery technology, a range of 50km to 350km is possible depending on your speed means that even the 100% Electric drive models can fit the lifestyle and needs of 90% of day-boaters.


Eyachts Rand SPITIR 25


The philosophy behind these Scandinavian-designed day boats is to focus on only the core purpose of the vessels, keeping them simple. Owner and architect Carl Kai Rand pays much attention to detail, focusing on; functionality, sustainability, modern Danish design and high usability.

RAND is also a technology and design company focusing on clean energy development. 

Eyachts Rand SPITIR 25


RAND boats have a drive for change and a willingness to contribute to the sustainable mindset of powering motorboats.

Compared to similar boat productions, RAND Boats uses half of the material when producing boats, using foam kernel made of recycled plastic bottles and sustainable forestry wood. RAND Boats offers electric propulsion systems on all models and continues to work on improving and making these inboards and outboards even better.


Environmentally friendly boating is the way of the future, and something Eyachts is continuously working towards adapting as we look to more sustainable solutions within our portfolio. 

RAND and Eyachts share in the belief that a sustainable approach to nature and our environment, the more freeing the experience at sea will be. Eyachts hope is to see more Australians adopting this Eco-boating mindset over the coming years.

Tell us what you’re interested in and a member of our expert team will contact you shortly.

Eyachts Rand SPITIR 25
Axopar new owner customer review

Axopar 37 Customer testimonial Victoria

Axopar 37 Cabin Owner Robert loves “the internal cabin, the wide opening sunroof and sun lounge. The driving position is very comfortable… the Mercury Outboards run an economical cruising speed of 35kts and push the top speed to over 50kts,” adding. “We have a great relationship with Rowan and Peter… Eyachts are a great team, all staff are professional and courteous.”

Customer driving his new Axopar boat

Eyachts Customer Review

“Eyachts and VesselTec have been a pleasure to deal with. The test drive was informative and enjoyable, and the team have been very professional throughout the buying and service process.”
– Stephen and Raina

Axopar 28 customers sitting on their new boat

Repeat Eyachts owner review

Previously owning a Greenline 40 Hybrid for 8 years the Flemings were looking to downsize and found the perfect fit, the Axopar 28 Cabin.

Jon and Anne are already in love with their Axopar, it fulfils all their needs with the enclosed helm and how quiet and peaceful it is with the doors closed and retractable roof open. Jon talked about how well it rode at 25knots and the ease of steering with the 300hp Mercury Outboard.

Axopar Owner Review

3 Time Eyachts Owner Review

Dave owned his 28 T-Top for only 6 short months before upgrading to a 37 Sun Top and now with a 28 Cabin, so I think it is safe to say he has a bit of experience with Axopars. We thought he would be the perfect person to talk to about the various models, likes, dislikes and the adventures they have taken him on.

Eyachts Review by Ian and Julianne

Axopar 28 owner Ian was extremely impressed by the Eyachts team and how helpful everyone was. “Well done Axopar and the eYachts team!”
“This boat is a winner for a (ok retired!) couple like us who want to have confidence in the manufacturer and dealer.”

tmg eyachts team photo

Eyachts Team Review by John Bossi

Working with the team in Sydney was great… there were never problems, only solutions.
I found that across the board with everyone I was in contact with at Eyachts.
I’ve made a lot of purchases from dental equipment to motorcycles. I have never experienced a standard set so high across an organisation.


Brand New Rand 28 Leisure

We Love Boating – December 2023

The Leisure 28 provides an incredibly spacious sense of luxury in an effortlessly functional layout that includes a large triple aft sun lounge, expandable oversize u-sofa, full kitchen, private enclosed toilet and luxury queen bed cabin in the lower deck. Watch this walkthrough review…

Rand Leisure 28 sea trial review

Motorboat&Yachting – April 2023

There’s more to Danish company Rand than small electric Picnic boats, as Hugo Andreae discovers with a sea trial of the V8-powered Rand Leisure 28…


Highlights of the RAND Roamer 29

Highlights of the RAND Roamer 29

Discover the RAND Roamer 29, a versatile fishing boat with innovative design features. From its practical setup to luxurious amenities, explore why it stands out on the water.

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What’s Next For RAND?

What’s Next For RAND?

Join Oscar Rand, Co-Founder of Rand Boats, on an exploration of the future of boating. Delve into the world of sustainable electric boats, from the groundbreaking Solara 33 to the adventurous Roamer 29. Excitement builds as Oscar hints at the upcoming 38t adventure boat, set to launch in spring 2024, promising a new era of luxury, efficiency, and innovation on the water.

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