Highlights of the RAND Roamer 29

Exploration Boating

Let’s take a closer look at the RAND Roamer 29, the latest addition to the RAND lineup. Designed with the expedition enthusiast in mind, this vessel boasts the most rugged capabilities of any boat in the RAND range. Made for serious explorers and for those seeking functionality, versatility, and style. As we delve into the key features of the Roamer 29, you’ll discover a boat that can keep up with you whatever your mission and wherever you explore while delivering a superior level of luxury and comfort in the process.

Boat RAND Roamer 29
Axopar, Eyachts Australia and New Zealand
Axopar, Eyachts Australia and New Zealand

Engine Flexibility

Whether you prefer e-Drive, inboard Diesel, petrol, or outboard options, the Roamer 29 offers versatility in engine configurations. This flexibility allows owners to tailor the boat’s performance to their specific requirements, whether for leisurely cruising or exhilarating speeds, as well as catering towards the eco-conscious boater looking to explore the waters with electric propulsion.

Defender-Inspired Design

Drawing inspiration from the iconic Defender, the Roamer 29 exudes a rugged yet stylish aesthetic. The grey colour scheme and practical storage solutions evoke a sense of adventure reminiscent of the renowned off-road vehicle.

Versatile Exploration Setup

The Roamer 29 caters to any interest, from camping to fishing and everything in between. Option the vessel with an all-weather pilothouse tent with an easy set-up for overnight stays in nature, and add roof racks for all your recreational gear.

The Roamer 29 also hosts a range of thoughtful design elements for fishing enthusiasts. Along the sides, there’s ample room to store fishing rods, as well as hidden freeboard mounts for ropes, boat hooks, and catch nets.  Select up to 6 fishing rod holders in freeboard and a live bait tank, all complemented by a convertible aft wetbar and cooktop, to cook your catch of the day.

Axopar Boats Sydney Harbour
Axopar, Eyachts Australia and New Zealand
Axopar, Eyachts Australia and New Zealand

Luxurious Amenities

Despite its focus on functionality, the Roamer 29 doesn’t compromise on comfort. Equipped with amenities such as fridges for refreshments and a spacious table set up for four to five people. The seats easily swivel, allowing for seamless social interactions, and conveniently lift up when driving, ensuring practicality without sacrificing luxury. Additionally, the vessel features a massive toilet area, providing ample space for a shower with a sump pump, along with clever storage solutions underneath. 

Multi-functional Bow

The Roamer 29 offers a multi-functional bow area that enhances versatility and enjoyment on board. Passengers can unwind on the large sunbed with plush side cushions, which can be rearranged to create a spacious lounging area at the bow. Carbon poles are provided for setting up an awning, offering shelter from the sun during leisurely cruises. With easy access all around the boat and high freeboards ensuring safety and stability, the Roamer 29 invites passengers to relax and enjoy the serenity of the water with family and friends.

Innovative Windscreen Design

One of the most striking features of the Roamer 29 is its innovative windscreen. Crafted entirely from glass, this windscreen not only provides exceptional visibility but also adds a touch of sophistication to the helm station. Its unique design is sure to turn heads wherever it goes.

 “There is nothing else I’ve ever seen like it. The all-glass windscreen allows you to see through it no matter what angle. It is certainly striking,” exclaimed Peter Hrones; upon viewing the vessel at the premiere. “With the rise of boaters looking for a do-all vessel this definitely sits well within the Australian market. I believe it will particularly cater towards leisure fisherman looking for something their family can also enjoy.”

The RAND Roamer 29 emerges as a standout choice for boating enthusiasts seeking a blend of performance, functionality, and style. From its purposeful fishing setup to its luxurious amenities and innovative design elements, it offers a complete package for those craving adventure on the water.