Why luxury day boat ownership is on the rise in Australia

Not only has luxury day boat ownership in Australia risen dramatically in recent years, but many boat owners are increasingly using their existing boats as day boats, regardless of the size of their boat, the boat model or their budgets.

Without a doubt, the luxury day boat market is here to stay and it reflects a strong trend in the boat ownership market. 

So let’s take a look at the many attractions and the advantages of luxury day boats and how their unique features have led to this incredible surge in popularity.

1. Time poor owners have different requirements than previous generations


Today’s boat owners are generally time poor and they really need to maximise their valuable leisure time, which is why they have different requirements from their boats than previous generations might have had. 

Once upon a time, a typical boat owner would have the luxury of time to spend a weekend, a week or even more going cruising, but that sort of usage is disappearing as demands on our available leisure time increases. 

Today’s boat owners no longer have the same accommodation requirements, so they look for boats that dedicate space to entertaining and relaxing instead, which are one of the main features that day boats offer.

Boat owners are now increasingly using their boats to go out for just one day before coming back to land. Then after a day relaxing on their boat with friends or family, they might enjoy a meal onboard their boat or make a booking at one of the many restaurants available at the marina.

2. Offers larger and more luxurious entertainment platforms for social entertaining


Day boats offer a large and luxurious entertainment platform with a lot of usable space, which is exactly what today’s boat owners are looking for. These large entertaining platforms afford boat owners both flexibility and versatility, allowing owners to really maximise the use of their boat.

Luxury day boats can be used in a variety of ways, from corporate entertaining, as a party platform, or simply as a place to relax in private without the need to travel very far.

Not only do these open entertaining areas allow owners maximise the use of their boat, but they also allow them to maximise the number of guests they can have aboard during the day.

3. Can be used as watersports platforms too


Many boat owners are looking to maximise their fun both on and in the water and luxury day boats are ideal to be used as a watersports base.

With an increasing variety of water toys that boat owners are interested in, there’s a corresponding need for a more spacious platform to accommodate these.

Offering easy access to the water and versatile, open spaces, luxury day boats can be used as a base for swimming, wakeboarding, snorkelling, jet skiing, fishing, diving or playing with water toys.

Being able to participate in watersports, with easy access to the water really helps boat owners to maximise their fun in the sun!

4. Provides faster access to destinations to maximise limited leisure time


When you’re short on leisure time it makes sense that you need to get to your destination quickly!

Luxury day boats afford owners the ability to get to places quickly, enjoy their destination or their watersports, and get back to the marina in time for their next event.

Designed for quick and easy trips to destinations, luxury day boats are a smart way to maximise your limited leisure time. And they do it in style too!

5. Stylish, sexy, stable and secure


Another reason that demand for luxury day boats has absolutely boomed in the past few years is their stability.

They offer plenty of space and head room, they are more stable and they feel more roomy and secure.

As for their appearance, there’s no denying the ‘James Bond’ factor of these boats, with their slick, sexy appearance they really are the supermodels of the boating world!


6. Easier to use

Easy to handle and manoeuvre, luxury day boats take away the challenges of literally ‘learning the ropes’, making them attractive to everybody from seasoned boaters, to owners who are new to boating.

Day boats allow new boat owners to get out on the water faster and have a more enjoyable cruising experience, which adds up to more time present out on the water doing the things they love!

7. Options for use as a tender to larger yachts or as a second yacht

Luxury day boats make an ideal second boat as they provide greater ease for quick and easy trips to destinations, with the larger models affording owners the option of staying for several days.

Many boat owners with significant budgets invest in luxury day boats to complement their larger motor yachts, as they are a stylish and secure way to shuttle boats between shore or marinas, or used as a support boat to transport boat toys and provisions.

8. Overnight capability

Eyachts Australia Pardo 50

Despite the “day boat” title most dayboats still have the facilities for a night or two aboard comfortably, including spacious double beds and cooking facilities. If you want to enjoy that extra glass of wine you can stay aboard without driving home or explore further afield and have the essential overnight facilities available to you.

9. How could a luxury day boat let you make the most of your leisure time?

At Eyachts, we are proud to be the exclusive distributors of some of the very best luxury day boats in the world.

Get in touch with our team today to find out how a luxury day boat could help you make the most of your leisure time.


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