Does Hybrid Work? Greenline Hybrid Owner Testimonial

A Seamlessly Silent and Sustainable Adventure

Embark on a journey through the waters of innovation with the Greenline Hybrid System. Discover how this revolutionary technology is redefining the boating experience, focusing not only on sustainability but also on unparalleled performance and versatility.  

 The Fleming family’s journey with their beloved Greenline 40 spans seven years of unforgettable adventures. Jon Fleming’s fascination with Greenline began in 2011 when European boating magazines hailed the brand’s innovative approach to eco-friendly cruising. Intrigued, Jon reached out to Eyachts, eager to experience firsthand the remarkable technology behind Greenline’s success.

Why Greenline and Why Hybrid Propulsion?

After 14 years with a 42 ft Herreshoff ketch, the prospect of noisy engines was a deterrent to the transition into powerboating until the Flemings discovered Greenline’s innovative approach to hybrid cruising.

Once we had decided to switch to power the challenge was to find the right boat. At this time Greenline had just developed their hybrid range of boats and were winning “Boat of the show” at most of the European Boat Shows. We became interested due to the ability to use the boat almost silently while in electric mode,” explained Fleming. As such choosing Greenline was an easy decision.

Further to this, after delivery they visited the Greenline factory in Slovenia providing a deeper appreciation for the craftsmanship and innovation behind their beloved vessel.


Does Hybrid Work?

The boat’s hybrid system, complemented by six solar panels seamlessly integrated into the cabin roof, provided ample power for the Fleming’s onboard comforts without the need for a generator.

Jon praised the system, “The hybrid system worked well. The solar panel setup is huge and catered for everything we needed, and for the seven years we owned the boat, we never felt the need for a generator”.

While they anticipated using electric propulsion more frequently, they found themselves reserving it for the most serene moments, relishing the silence and tranquillity it offers. “When the conditions of tide and wind were suitable, and we weren’t in a hurry we would use electric propulsion. With visitors on board, they always wanted to experience the electric drive,” Fleming commented.

This is particularly evident during their yearly whale-watching expeditions, where the absence of motor noise allows them to immerse themselves in the majestic presence of these ocean giants.

Why the Greenline 40?

While the Greenline 33 left a lasting impression, it was the promise of a new 40 ft, twin-engine model perfectly suited for extended cruising that captured their hearts. We liked the layout with a full-size fridge, pop up TV and plenty of space internally due to the generous beam. The master cabin layout also suited us particularly the way the queen bed could be spit to allow additional floor space during the day.” Luxuries like air conditioning, a pop-up TV, and the convenient Davit System for their dinghy enhance their onboard experience and also helped seal the deal.

Journeys and Highlights

Their journeys aboard the Greenline 40 have been marked by unforgettable experiences at every destination. They embarked on multiple trips to the Clarence River for extended stays spanning three weeks. Short jaunts along the Tweed River and the Richmond River offered brief yet memorable interludes, showcasing the versatility of their vessel for diverse cruising adventures. However, it was their epic three-month voyage from the Gold Coast to Lady Musgrave Island that truly epitomized the essence of their Greenline experience. Navigating through Sandy Straits, Fraser Island, Maryborough, Bundaberg, and beyond, they savoured every moment, savouring the journey at a leisurely pace. Throughout their ownership, the Greenline’s resilience and performance remained unwavering, effortlessly navigating through a variety of conditions with grace and reliability, ensuring each leg of their voyage was nothing short of exceptional.

During their extensive stays onboard, the Greenline 40’s solar and 240V system flawlessly powered their appliances, ensuring uninterrupted comfort and convenience. “Whether cooking gourmet meals or keeping provisions fresh, the solar-powered setup effortlessly met our needs, even during extended cruising ventures,” raved Fleming.

Experience with Eyachts

The Flemings relationship with Eyachts, spanning three boat purchases, has been characterized by exemplary service, support and professionalism. From initial inquiries to ongoing assistance, Jon Commended the Eyachts team, We always appreciated the backup from Eyachts during our 7 years of ownership and we have purchased other boats from them since then and experienced the same support.

In retrospect, our decision to embrace the Greenline hybrid system has not only enriched our boating experiences but also reaffirmed our commitment to sustainable and enjoyable cruising. With each voyage aboard our Greenline 40, we continue to create cherished memories and explore new horizons, propelled by the seamless harmony of nature-friendly technology and unparalleled comfort.


The Fleming family’s journey with their Greenline 40 epitomizes the perfect blend of sustainable technology, comfort, and adventure. The Greenline Hybrid System represents a paradigm shift in boating technology, combining innovation with practicality to deliver an unparalleled cruising experience. Whether you’re a seasoned sailor or a novice enthusiast, the Greenline Hybrid System invites you to explore new horizons and embrace the future of boating.