RAND Spirit 25 Performance and Key Features

Step into the world of boating excellence with the RAND Spirit 25. RAND is renowned for sustainability and fuel efficiency, so we put this model to the test to see how efficient she really is. We also take a look at this simple, yet functional design and layout. First, let’s talk about RAND…

About RAND: Leading the Charge in Sustainable Boating

RAND is a Danish boat manufacturer with a unique mission—to become the most sustainable boating manufacturer on the planet. In pursuit of this goal, they have emerged as leaders in the electric boating industry. Unlike traditional boat manufacturing processes, RAND’s methods prioritize sustainability and innovation. Their vessels feature resin-infused hulls, ensuring a lighter weight, better displacement, and minimal emissions. Moreover, all wood used onboard is FSC sourced, contributing to their eco-conscious approach. With proprietary E-Drive technology, RAND is spearheading the transition to electric boating, setting new standards for environmental responsibility in the industry.

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Eyachts RAND Boats Sydney Australia
Boats RAND Sydney Australia Eyachts

Performance Review: Speed, Capability and Fuel Efficiency

There are a range of propulsion options, including fully electric or Internal Combustion Engines (ICE). Although this model is powered by a 300 HP Mercury Cruiser V8 engine rather than electric propulsion, we examined its performance, exploring its capabilities and efficiency at various speeds. 

Idle Speed: 5.5 knots – 0.80 L/nm

 Planning speed: 10-16 knots – 0.75L/nm

 Slow Cruising Speed: 23-25 knots – 0.60-0.74 L/nm

 Maximum Speed: 40 knots – 0.50 L/nm

Pushing the limits, the RAND Spirit 25 reaches an impressive top speed of about 40 knots. At this exhilarating pace, the efficiency remains remarkable, with a consumption of only 0.50 L per nautical mile. As examined, the RAND Spirit 25 delivers thrilling performance while maintaining exceptional fuel efficiency, demonstrating a very efficient hull that would also perfectly complement an electric drive.

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Australia Boats Eyachts RAND Sydney
Australia Boats Eyachts RAND Sydney

Key Features of the RAND Spirit 25

Now, let’s explore the standout features of the RAND Spirit 25 that make it a true marvel on the water.

Simplicity and Elegance: Embodying the essence of a café cruiser, the RAND Spirit 25 boasts a minimalist yet stylish design. The spacious cockpit features seating for six with a convertible helm seat and adjustable sunbed to enhance the aft area. Towards the aft you will find a swim ladder and conveniently placed outdoor shower.

Innovative Technology: Equipped with advanced Simrad screens, the vessel offers intuitive control and navigation. From engine management to anchor control, everything is seamlessly integrated into the digital interface, providing a user-friendly experience.

Convenience: With a cleverly designed opening engine bay with plenty of storage for safety gear and awning, as well as ample storage space in the bow and under the seats.


The RAND Spirit 25 represents the pinnacle of modern boating—a perfect fusion of performance, luxury, and sustainability. Whether you’re cruising at leisurely speeds or pushing the boundaries of excitement, this vessel delivers an unparalleled experience on the water. If you’re ready to embark on your next adventure in style, look no further than RAND.