Greenline Hybrid System


Greenline Yachts is the leading manufacturer of eco-friendly and sustainable yachts, with the only complete fleet offering hybrid propulsion. Since 2008 Greenline Yachts have been developing and investing in creating the best hybrid solution and have now launched their 6th generation of hybrid.

While diesel engines are still available, Greenline Yachts prioritises using the most efficient ones on the market to provide the most responsible diesel boating solution possible. The company’s commitment to innovation and sustainability is evident in their range of propulsion options, which includes hybrid systems that combine diesel and electric engines for enhanced efficiency and reduced environmental impact.

Greenline Yachts has established itself as a pioneer in using hybrid propulsion technology in boats, with a track record of utilizing such systems since 2008. Leveraging years of experience in hybrid drivetrains, the company has been able to refine their systems to optimize not only for propulsion but also for maximum efficiency and comfort while living on board.




The Greenline Yachts hybrid system comprises a diesel engine, an electric motor, a generator, a battery pack, and a sophisticated electronic control unit that manages the power flow between these components.

The diesel engine serves as the primary propulsion system for the yacht, while the electric motor acts as a secondary propulsion system. The generator produces electricity, which is stored in the battery pack for later use. The electronic control unit monitors the power demand and switches between the diesel and electric engines as needed to provide the most efficient propulsion.


The Greenline Yachts hybrid system offers several benefits over traditional diesel-only propulsion systems.

  1. It significantly reduces fuel consumption, resulting in lower operating costs and a smaller carbon footprint.
  2. The electric motor provides silent and emission-free propulsion, making it ideal for cruising in environmentally sensitive areas.
  3. The hybrid system also offers enhanced maneuverability, as the electric motor can be used for slow-speed maneuvering, such as docking or anchoring, without the need to run the diesel engine.
  4. The advanced battery pack can be used to power onboard systems, such as lighting and air conditioning, without the need for the generator, reducing noise and emissions.
  5. Simple maintenance
  6. Better resale value due to the boat having significantly fewer engine hours as the hours spent cruising on electric does not increase the engine hours. Also, as the world continues to turn to more eco-solutions, it is predicted that more people will turn to hybrid options and therefore the boats will be more in demand.


Greenline’s low centre of gravity hull and clever hull design generates less drag, less wake, creates the ability to use less fuel, generates lower CO2 emissions, and enables the use of electric power. It offers better seaworthiness and easier handling than any comparable hull. The reduced energy requirement means less running cost, less refueling stops and more time in your favourite anchorage or cruising grounds.

Besides being efficient, the hull on all Greenline models shows optimum performance in all sea conditions – an important factor in comfort and safety when underway. The Greenline manages even challenging sea conditions with ease, needing only minute corrections at the wheel. 


Greenline Yachts strives to offer an exceptional level of comfort on their boats. Their vessels are equipped with a solar panel bank, allowing users to operate all onboard appliances without the need for a generator or shore power. This not only eliminates noise and vibrations but also eliminates emissions, making it ideal for anchoring without disturbing nearby individuals. Additionally, Greenline Yachts utilizes high-performance LiPo batteries to power even high-load appliances such as air-conditioning in complete silence.


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