Axopar 37 Revolution REVEAL


It’s a cold winters night in Helsinki, the home of Axopar. As we walk into the “train factory”, we are met with lights, music and fire!

Welcome to the 2019 Axopar Dealer Conference and the highly anticipated release of the all new Axopar 37.

For any Australian, a trip to the other side of the world is a long and tiring journey. With over 20 hours in a plane (plus transit), we knew that the first few days would be a blur as jet lag was bound to kick in, some of us worse than others!

This all started many months ago when Axopar teased us with some camouflage images of the new Axopar 37. As disguised as it was, there was no mistaking the distinct outline of our boats. Axe Bow, narrow entry and aggressive stance make this a boat that is hard to miss! It was decided way back in August that the Eyachts team would make the 15,000km journey to see the new boat.

The 2 days saw us learning all about the new boat… all 380 changes! This involved a series of workshops, training sessions and most importantly…. sea trials!

Helsinki is home to the 18th-century sea fortress Suomenlinna, and it was here that we got a chance to drive the entire range of new boats, including a very special surprise. As we approached the boats, still in camouflage fatigues, the excitement grew, and the anticipation became palpable. All the boats looked fantastic as the excited crowd grew, all jostling to be the first person on-board. As patient Australians, we took our place in the line up and waited our turn. It was a wait well worth it! The new boats are spectacular. The improvements, although subtle to the eye, translate to huge improvements in the water. With re-designed hulls and decks, the new boats still deliver the excitement that we all expect with Axopar, but now add a level of comfort not usually associated with high performance boats. Speed, agility, comfort and security all brought together in one boat. The holy grail of boating.

After a warm coffee and with the smiles still on our faces, we were told to make our way back to the dock for a surprise.

It wasn’t long before the cold air was cut by the bark of two racing Mercury’s. 900 horsepower can only mean one thing…. A Brabus Shadow 900! The stealth looking “Spyder” slowly came into view and the wait to get on started again. This time, we were not so patient as we manoeuvred our way to the front of the line. Once on board, we were supplied with life jackets and goggles. The life jacket made sense…. But I wasn’t so sure why we needed goggles. I very quickly learnt that rain at 64knots hurts! The small soft droplets of rain sting your skin like hail. Goggles were a good idea!

That night, after getting warm and dry cloths, we headed to the annual dealer awards night. It was a night dedicated dealer from around the world that excel in all areas of the business. Marketing, sales and customer satisfaction all are recognised during the night. They all culminate in the “International Best Dealer” award. An award given to the dealer that has shown excellence in all areas of the business. It came down to three dealers and, after what felt like minutes of silence, we were announced as the winner!

We had a fantastic trip to Finland, to meet the Axopar team and to bring home some silver-wear. With the new boats due to arrive by April 2020, we are looking forward to a very busy year ahead.