Axopar 37 Cross Cabin Minute Walkthrough

In this video, Joe Fox gives a very QUICK summary of the Axopar 37 Cross Cabin as well as alternative options available. It may not have been a minute but I think you will forgive us, this boat just had too many awesome options we did not want to brush over.


This vessel is currently available for 1/5th share for only $99,000, based at The Spit. The best part is that when the boat is sold, the balance of your equity will be returned to you. What a smart investment! (Gull wings, aft seats and alternative after layouts are not available).


Pardo 38 Performance Review

Pardo 38 Performance Review

The Pardo 38 is the only Pardo you can option with outboards.

The Pardo 38 with triple 300hp outboards gets up to planning speeds 17-19kts very quickly, with not a lot of trim needed, only when the boat reaches planning speeds to optimise the hull and angle to the propellors. This Pardo 38 will do just over 40kts with these engines.

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