Pardo 38 Performance Review

The Pardo 38 Performance Review is here!

Here are the highlights from Joe Fox…

The Pardo 38 is the only Pardo you can option with outboards. The Pardo 38 reviewed had triple 300hp Mercury V8 outboards.

The Pardo 38 gets up to planning speeds 17-19kts very quickly, with not a lot of trim needed, only when the boat reaches planning speeds to optimise the hull and angle to the propellors. This Pardo 38 will do just over 40kts with these engines.

The zip wake also helps to balance the boat, especially in the turns, it is a big boat. It also helps to keep the boat balanced when in a straight line through surface chop. 

Offshore, even in not ideal conditions the Pardo 38 rides incredibly well. Cruising offshore we were doing about 20-23kts and that was very comfortable, we weren’t slamming.

All in all a really responsive drive at low speed and high, you generally feel like you are in a lot of control. I think it is a real winner.