The Waterfront Cafe Church Point Review

Owning a yacht provides a huge amount of freedom and flexibility. The greatest luxury we believe is the ability to visit exclusive waterfront cafes and restaurants.

Eyachts team member, Marnie decided to leave her car behind and took the Porsche of the sea, the Axopar 28 Cabin.

You can easily park your Axopar in the shallow wharf directly outside the restaurant. It might be a good idea to call up ahead and ensure it is vacant.

This blog is going to give you a full review of The Waterfront Cafe, Church Point.

By Marnie Ebeling

It was a stunning winter afternoon, the crisp air tingled the skin while the sun shone rays of warmth. With not a breath of breeze the calm water sparkled. In my opinion, this was a golden opportunity for a zoom on an Axopar… The feeling of simply being on the water brings me a different kind of joy to anything else. Especially in winter, it is so important to take these opportunities to take the boat out.

When I realised the cupboards were empty… I was going to have to go out to lunch anyway… so where to go?

I have been to The Water Front Cafe, Church Point many times for breakfast and lunch, I have never been failed by the quality of the food.

So a local Pittwater location was chosen and with the Axopar 28 Cabin in arms reach all I had to do was start the engine and off we went…

As the name suggests The Waterfront Cafe the location overlooks the… well… water. Looking out you can see directing out to Scotland Island. The interior is blossomed with hanging plants and flowers, lifting the room into a lively mood.

Studying the menu I was tempted to go for the Roast Pork Belly, I have had this before and I know how exquisite it is, however, for the sake of the review I wanted to try something new… The special menu has another pork belly dish with an asian twist so I opted for that.

The large meal was extremely filling the runny egg dripped over the dish giving it a lovely asian flavour, it was another fabulous dish that I cannot fault.

“I had the Chilli Prawn and Mango Salad, it was the perfect sized meal, refreshing, tasty and light, exactly what I wanted,” said Tania.

The Waterfront Cafe Locater…

The Waterfront Cafe is in Church Point, New South Wales. If you are in Pittwater, up the Hawkesbury or across at the Central Coast this is a great waterfront option for a meal!

Our Eyachts team members reviewed The Waterfront Cafe giving it a massive thumbs up.

Weather wise

Church Point is super protected from the elements so your only concern will depend on where you are coming from…


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