Axopar 37 Performance Review

Hull Design, Fuel Consumption and Trim Techniques


Joe Fox goes into detail about the Axopar 37 hull design and why it was engineered for speed, performance and efficiency.

When taking out the boat he further discusses how to optimise the trim and why Axopar is the ultimate performer on the water.

Axopar 37 Spyder
Axopar, Eyachts Australia and New Zealand
Axopar, Eyachts Australia and New Zealand

The 37 comes in three models the Cross Cabin, the Sun Top and the Spyder version, however, the hull itself is exactly the same across the board.

Axopar actually spent more time in the r&d stage developing the hull shape of this second series Axopar 37 than they did on the original Axopar 37 so it shows how hard it was to make a better boat than the first series. The result of all the hard work is that it is 10% faster and 10% more efficient.

The Axopar 37s hull key features

Very sharp entry reverse bow – designed to slice the surface of the water

Two large chines – keeping the boat dry by reflecting spray straight back down into the water.

Two hull steps – These channels suck air underneath the hull so at planing speed so the boat is actually sitting on a layer of bubbles reducing the friction which in turn reduces the power required to push the boat. This in turn reduces the fuel consumption and dramatically improves the performance and ride of the vessel.

Axopar, Eyachts Australia and New Zealand

Key statistics

Range – 700 litres = 280 nautical miles at cruise speed

Cruising speed – 28 to 30 knots

Max speed

  • Twin 300s 50kts
  • Twin 350s – 51 or 52 knots 

Fuel Consumption Chart

Axopar 37ST MY21 2 x Mercury V8 300 Enertia Eco 19″

No Antifouling | 4820kg


Axopar 37C MY21 2 x Mercury L6 350 Rev 4 19″

No Antifouling | 5637kg


 Trim Techniques

 Between 12-15 knots there is very little trim or activation of the trim tabs needed because the hull technology that Axopar have designed really helps the boat to get up on the plane without raising the bow too much.

Between 21 – 23 knots trim the engines up altering the angle between the hull and the thrust of the props, bringing the boat up to a really comfortable planing angle so you’re not driving the bow.

Chop – If you do come into a little bit of chop, trim the engines down slightly to drive the bow to give it a cutting motion through the water.

Turns – Because of the deep v in the hull and pronounced rails the boat can be put into quite a hard turn with little to no sideways slip. When in a turn the engines must be trimmed down to avoid any cavitation caused by the angle of the boat. 

Advanced MidSection (AMS) 

All Axopars that come with Mercury outboards over 250hp are fitted with the AMS which is an intelligent mount feature that acts as an advanced shock absorber, virtually eliminating vibration and sound from being transmitted to the boat.

Axopar 37 Spyder


A real drivers boat, this completely fresh concept offers more versatility, more social areas and more visibility delivering an exhilarating ride in all conditions.


Now even better than the original award-winning Axopar 37 Sun Top, this boat offers true versatility for Australian conditions with an extended roof for more protection from the elements.

Axopar 37 X Cabin


A unique boat unlike any other this new and improved Axopar 37 redefines modern-day boating. The fully enclosable cabin is ideal for all Aussie & NZ weather and sea conditions.