How to reverse into a berth on an Axopar 37

Dan Jones takes us through the exact instructions for how to reverse an Axopar 37 into a marina berth. He uses a combination of transverse thrusts (engines centred, one in forward one in reverse) and forward and aft side slipping (combination of bow thruster and engine in and out of gear).

Welcome to the Eyachts How To Series… Here we show you how to best use your boat. Whether you own an Axopar, Greenline or Sealine or are thinking about a purchase this is the best play to find out everything you are itching to know…


Before anything reset bow thruster, or use it… that will reset the timer and give you another 5 minutes.

Keep a look out to where the tide may be dragging the boat.

Drive into the marina.

Wheel to starboard/ port (heading in the opposite direction to the berth).

Opposite engine to above in forward to keep the boat moving.

Continually looking around at your wrist points ensuring the back os the boats clear.

As you come along in front of the berth turn the wheel the opposite direction.

Keep an eye now on the destination.

Time to use side slipping…

Use the bow thruster to push the boat towards the location. Use gentle small bursts on both sides to line up with berth, while also putting the engines in and out of gear.

Don’t take eye off the back of the boat just have hands on thruster and engines.

When the boat has stopped, hop off and tie up keeping your hands on the rails.

It is very simple but may take some practice to make perfect.