Axopar x Brabus

The new Axopar x Brabus series recently premiered in Dusseldorf, Boot and it was really the talk of the show. So many people are excited to get there hands on the Axopar that is just a bit more extra…Eyachts Sydney Branch Manager Dan took the opportunity to get on board walks us through the Axopar x Brabus line to show chase what is really different about them…Style-conscious customers can now differentiate and characterize the look and feel of a standard specification Axopar by ordering from our BRABUS Line Trim Package options, adding value with discreet interior & exterior trim & styling enhancements. Branding for the hulls features a BRABUS Line signature and a boat model designation plaque now finished in carbon fibre.


  • Black painted stainless steel parts
  • Deck pullpit, light mast, exterior grab rails, TT/ST Targa and support bars in black
  • Optional – Side rails, targa arches, roof rails, fishing rod holders also in black
  • BRABUS line badges on hull and side of console
  • BRABUS logo on new co-pilot handrail in helm
  • New more exclusive seat design, incl new GRP design
  • Niroxx upholstery in wheelhouse/cockpit
  • Alcantara Isotta ARES steering wheel with “double B” logo
  • Co-Pilot handrail in stainless steel and suede, with BRABUS logo type
  • AX37 Sun Top will also include the new designed roof from BRABUS Shadow 800 incl electronically operated sun awning


  • BRABUS line colour edition – Miami Blue
  • BRABUS line colour edition – Platinum Grey
  • BRABUS line Premium package, Silvertex Baltic Blue, Blue, all cushions