the boathouse bar and dining

Boathouse Bar and Dining

Owning a yacht provides a huge amount of freedom and flexibility. The greatest luxury we believe is the ability to visit exclusive waterfront cafes and restaurants.

If you live in Pittwater you know driving to the Central Coast takes a while… But by Axopar you’re across the water in no time at all.

This gave Managing Director Peter and his family the perfect opportunity to zip over to Koolewong for a delicious lunch (spotting a seal on the way, read to the end to sea!)

This blog is going to give you a full review of The Boathouse Bar and Dining, Koolewong.

















There is plenty of room to tie up and if you sit by a window you can even keep an eye on it from the restaurant.

Call 02 4342 9994 for bookings or to organise somewhere to tie up.

















This is Peter and the families review (professional food critic was not used in the making of this portion) 

The menu choices… 

Duck, steak, seafood tempura, scallops, pork belly and kingfish sashimi. 

What they had to say…

Cocktails were EXCELLENT, the calamari was amazing, although expensive the scallops were worth it and the pork belly was delicious they just wanted MORE!

“If it’s a sunny Sunday and you are looking for an excuse to take the family out for lunch, consider taking your Axopar to the Boathouse Bar and Dining…” Peter Hrones



The Boathouse Bar and Dining is located at 19 Brisbane Water Drive, Koolewong, NSW.

Peter and the family reviewed The Boathouse giving it the tick of approval.

A double tick of approval because there was a seal spotted on the ride over!!!











Weather wise

The Boathouse Bar and Dining is fine in most weather conditions just be aware of where you are coming from.