BRABUS Shadow 900 XC Offshore Review


I have never seen anyone smile as wide as John and Dean after their trip from Pittwater to Sydney Harbour on the BRABUS Shadow 900 XC.
Dean, a very experienced yachtsman took the helm and decided to really give the BRABUS a run for its money, reaching astonishing speeds of 56kts offshore!

Dean made the very bold statement, “I have never driven anything quite like this boat before in my life… We just had a challenging swell coming down offshore, we had about 2 metres behind us and at one stage I had the boat sitting at 56kts, it was actually more comfortable sitting at 56 than it was at 30.”

“An amazing hull, dry, smooth-riding, the power, the handling, the performance… The finish is amazing on this boat, what BRABUS have done, the carbon fibre, all the intricate details they have done, it’s second to none, I’ve never seen anything quite like it, amazing vessel.”

John added… “I have never been so fast offshore in a powerboat before, so competent, so comfortable, 56kts, launching off a wave and never in doubt. Rode beautifully, so powerful, it’s just an amazing experience… very exhilarating.”