The Shadow of the Sea


As the dealer for many of Europe’s leading boat brands it is rare that we, Downunder receive the first of anything…

When the Dusseldorf Boat Show was cancelled we took the opportunity to take the premiere BRABUS Shadow 900 XC so that we could show it off on our picturesque waterways.  Unsurprisingly, this sporty vessel was sold as soon as it arrived, however, that doesn’t mean we cannot show you the content we have been creating prior to handover.

We took speed tests as the perfect excuse to put together a little teaser…

Departing from the Quays Marina on this divine morning the twin 450hp Mercury outboards roared with excitement, ready to take off. 

As soon as we were in the clear the BRABUS disappeared within a matter of seconds leaving only the wake as shadows trailing behind.

Travelling down Pittwater at lightning speed, the decision was made that Palm Beach was the most ideal location to relax based on the weather conditions.  

Before long we were greeted by members of the team testing the new Axopar 37 Sun Top which just arrived.

With both vessels beached we exchanged banter across the boats and enjoyed a little bit of peace from our busy workdays, taking in the precious vitamin D and basking in that beautiful sun.

When the Aussie heat became a little too much it was time to go… but not before a quick dip!

By the end of the day, the afternoon wind picked up and so did the chop on the water. Zooming down the now busy Pittwater we reached speeds over 58kts with certainty that we can get more out of the outboards…

Peter Hrones – “I love the seamless glass dash which is kept clean due to the BRABUS interactive wheel which features trim, bow thruster and stereo all at your fingertips so you don’t take your eyes off the water. Another unique point is the twin V8 supercharged Mercury engines that not only reach top speeds of 60kts but even at those speeds they are silent, allowing the passengers to communicate with ease.”

Joe Fox –The Brabus 900 is a one-of-a-kind boat to experience whether you are driving or a passenger alike. The handling is typical of the famous Axopar design yet, given the additional power and upgraded construction methods the boat is even more of a weapon. We put it through its paces with some tight turns at high speed. From 58 knots in a straight line, a 90 degree turn only pulled the speed down to 55 knots, in a fair amount of surface chop and the hull held perfectly through the turn with no loss of grip. Noise inside the cabin is minimal with little to no vibration at speed allowing for an easy softly spoken conversation. This is a dreamboat to drive and anyone who is lucky enough to experience it will be blown away – very cool”.

Marnie Ebeling – “Stepping onboard you can instantly tell this boat is not an Axopar, it is something completely different. BRABUS have really transformed this vessel into the luxury sports-car of the sea with no detail left unaccounted for. The plush leather with BRABUS detailing as you enter combined with the smart systems coloured lighting makes it feel like you are in the future.”