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Axopar 37 MY 20 Reviewed

Center Consoles Only – September 2020

The guys at Center Consoles Only met up with Nautical Ventures and went out to test the Axopar 37 Cross Cabin in sunny Florida. Take a peek at what they thought.

Axopar 37 Sun Top Model Review

Kempers Watersport – July 2020

An indepth video tour, test and review of the new Axopar 37 Sun Top model including discussion of all the options available.

Axopar 37 XC 2020 Model Full Review

Kempers Watersport – April 2020

Come on board with Bart Kempers of Kempers Watersport to see a full review of the new Axopar 37 XC which was launched early in 2020.

Comedic Axopar 37 XC Test

Power and Motor Yacht – February 2020

The crew take on the Captain Crunch challenge to eat a bowl of cereal on the bow as they test drive the Axopar offshore in Miami. See how their breakfast goes.

Yacht Tour: Axopar 37

Aquaholic – January 2020

The new Axopar 37 is here and we take a look at the upgrades and changes to the previous version.

Axopar 37 Revolution

The Virtual Yacht Broker – January 2020

Take an indepth look at the all new Axopar 37 Mkii Revolution which is available in the Spyder (open), Sun-Top and XC (Cross Cabin) options, from one of the fastest growing marine brands in the world.

Axopar 37 Behind the Scenes Test Drive

Motorboat and Yachting – January 2020

See the reveal of the new Axopar 37 in Helsinki with a detailed walk through and test drive of the different versions including the Cross Cabin, Sun Top and Spyder, plus a preview of the BRABUS Line.

Axopar 28 BRABUS Boat Review

Club Marine – January 2020

Axopar turns to the automotive high performance aftermarket tuning company BRABUS to up the wow factor on the 28 T-Top.

The Revolution Has Just Dropped

SuperYacht Captain – November 2019

In this episode of *Whats Yacht* we are in Helsinki (Finland) for the launch of the brand new Axopar range. Along with the new Boats from Brabus marine we do a full tour of the new model and sea trial at high speeds.