Axopar 24 Review

Surf, river and reverse

Based in Perth, Graeme and Heather were looking for a vessel that does it all; fishing, surfing, performance and more… In a recent interview Graeme said that he had been looking for an upgraded centre console for some time. Admittedly he was looking at ribs but realised the tanks took up a lot of internal space and installing a crayfish pot winch is tricky. After going for a spin on an Axopar 28 he was sold. “The ride quality and finish were exceptional”, he announced. The 24 was his choice of Axopar due to greater ease of beach anchoring at Rottnest.
He told us that he mainly uses the Axopar for surf trips to Rottnest, crayfishing for about 2 months a year (December and March), general fishing/squidding and cruising up the Swan River. Graeme has done a number of things to transform his boat from a people mover into a workable fishing boat including; fixing a carpet cover, installing 4 rod holders and a removable pot winch. Removing the three back seats, fixing a carpet cover and putting on the pot winch takes about 15-20 minutes and putting it all back takes the same time so it is incredibly easy to switch from a fishing boat to party boat. “I have had a number of sensational boating days. Nothing beats a two hour surf at Rottnest and then picking up 16 crays on the way home.”


Surf Ski Adventure On Axopar 37 Sun Top

Surf Ski Adventure On Axopar 37 Sun Top

Richard surf skiing owner – “The boat itself just offers so much versatility, it’s a great dayboat it’s a great family boat, we get to use 37ft not 7 ft, it’s versatility is what sold me and to do something like this is pretty unique and they’re a great offshore boat too so that’s important.”

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