Evolution of the 28 to the NEW Axopar 29


The iconic Axopar 28, launched in 2014, pioneered Nordic walkaround outboard-powered boats and set the stage for Axopar’s future. It garnered multiple acclaimed awards and became a favourite among boaters worldwide.

“We imported the first Axopar 28 Cabin into Australia in 2015, at the time this concept came with hesitation from the public. Now Axopar are celebrating 10 years of business, as one of the largest boat manufacturers in the world and certainly the strongest in their market segment. Eyachts are also celebrating having sold over 250 Axopars in Australia, proving the adventure boat concept they created with that very first Axopar 28,” explains Eyachts Founder Peter Hrones. 

After undergoing years of refinement and development, Axopar proudly presents the brand-new Axopar 29. This new model replaces the much loved 28 but with an entirely fresh look and ground breaking new features.

Revealed at boot Düsseldorf 2024, the introduction of the Axopar 29 Cross Cabin and Sun-Top marks a new era of innovation for the company. This range embodies adventure and customer feedback, enhancing functionality, usability, comfort, and quality. The Axopar 29 range maintains an exceptional value, pushing the boundaries of the adventure boat genre amidst growing competition in the sub-30-foot category. With a bold design and innovative features, it represents a confident step forward in the Axopar legacy.

2014 - AXOPAR 28 Mk1

2018 - AXOPAR 28 Mk2

Axopar 29 Cross Cabin Render

2024 - NEW AXOPAR 29

The Axopar 29 embodies the brand’s distinctive DNA, but a closer look reveals a bold, adventurous design language with fresh and innovative ideas.

In addition to improving hydrodynamics and efficiency, the hull boasts a refined, fluid shape with softened angles. Its raised bow section provides enhanced protection from the elements while maintaining exceptional ride quality, even in rough waters.

Wider walkaround side-decks make maneuvering around the boat easier, while redesigned sliding doors offer improved access to the cabin interior. The Axopar 29 XC features a panoramic ‘wraparound’ rear screen, flooding the cabin with natural light for unmatched visibility.

Incorporating a feature from the successful Axopar 37 Sun Top, the Axopar 29 Sun Top now includes a sliding canvas roof. This allows for sun protection while maintaining an open-air feel, letting sunlight into the cockpit.


Axopar 29 Cross Cabin Render with implementations
Axopar 29 Cross Cabin Render with implementations
Axopar 29 Driving seat

Enhanced Driver Experience

The pilothouse now offers a significantly more spacious feel, featuring increased legroom for both front and rear occupants, alongside improved headroom. With optimized layout and sightlines, complemented by wraparound panoramic front and rear windscreens, the interior provides a notably airier sensation and vastly improved 360-degree visibility. Additionally, an optional Simrad® NSX® ULTRAWIDE chartplotter can be integrated into the steering console for added functionality.

Axopar 29 Multi cabin


The addition of a multi-cabin forward layout significantly enhances the boat’s versatility, providing ample space for two couples or a family of four to stay overnight.
The most surprising feature in the bow is the versatile multi-cabin, serving three different purposes based on customer preference. As standard, it functions as a spacious under-deck storage area, with the option to extend to include a fresh water toilet and sink. Additionally, the multi-cabin can be transformed into a full-length sleeping cabin for occasional overnight stays.  This setup allows for comfortable sleeping arrangements without sacrificing any functionality on the aft deck.

Cabin Axopar 29

Cabin model

By relocating the c-pillars forward, reversing and mooring maneuvers in tight spaces are now safer and simpler. Wider-opening sliding doors, offset helm seating, and a flat interior floor ensure improved comfort and ease of movement. The wraparound panoramic front and rear windscreens significantly enhance the interior’s spaciousness and provide exceptional 360-degree visibility all around.


Axopar 29 Driving seat

Sun Top model

Inspired by the success of the Axopar 37 Sun Top, the Axopar 29 Sun Top now features a sliding canvas roof. This addition offers sun protection while maintaining an open-air feel, allowing sunlight into the cockpit as desired. The sliding canvas roof comes standard with manual operation and is optionally available with an electric actuator for added convenience.



Cabin Axopar 29

Modular Fore Deck

The redesigned foredeck offers increased volume, comfortably seating up to 8 people and evoking a sense of spaciousness akin to the Axopar 37. With extended modularity, new layout options like a u-sofa and forward-facing sun beds enhance lounging possibilities, ensuring more ways to relax and enjoy the outdoors.


Cabin Axopar 29

Improved Aft Cabin

The practical aft-cabin now serves as a spacious ‘multi-storage’ area, ideal for transporting gear and equipment. With a wide-opening hatch, accessing and stowing various items like wakeboards and water skis from the aft deck is easier and safer than ever before.
Additionally, the starboard side fender box can be converted into a top-loading fridge with a fresh water faucet and sink, regardless of the chosen aft deck configuration.


Axopar 29 Driving seat


The Axopar 29-Range offers extensive options for customizing the layout to suit individual preferences and needs. From upgrading to a multicabin setup to adding a sunbed for the aft cabin or converting it into multi-storage, the possibilities are vast. Other notable options include an electric sliding roof, fenderbox cushions, and a top-loaded seat base refrigerator. For added comfort and convenience, options like bow and aft sunshades, a fresh water system, and an aft deck shower are available.




Axopar 29 Sunt Top

29 Sun Top

Explore the Axopar 29 Sun Top, a vessel that redefines adventure on the water. With its innovative opening Sun Top roof, forward cabin with ample storage, and spacious U-shaped dining area, this boat offers unparalleled comfort and functionality. Discover the perfect blend of luxury and performance for your next boating adventure.

Axopar 29 Cross Cabin

29 XC Cross Cabin

Experience the all-weather adventure companion, the Axopar 29 Cross Cabin. Boasting innovative features like panoramic front and rear windscreens, optimized layout, and spacious multi-cabin, this vessel is designed for ultimate versatility. Perfect for exploring Australia's waters, it offers unmatched comfort and performance for unforgettable adventures.