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Vanquish Yachts VQ58 Aluminum Luxury Motor Yacht Review

YachtWorld – February 2021

Marilyn DeMartini takes us on a sea trial and full walkthrough video review of the Vanquish VQ58 motoryacht – a pure power machine! Designed in partnership with Guido de Groot and built for individuals who are bored with convention, this distinctive 60-foot aluminum hull motoryacht offers countless options in terms of layout, superstructure and propulsion.

Vanquish Yachts

EQ. Magazine – March 2020

Vanquish, Eyachts Australia and New Zealand

With ultimate comfort, ideally suited for longer trips with larger groups, the brand new Vanquish VQ 58 has all the ingredients of a true driver’s boat. Comfort is nothing without space—the foredeck, aft deck and various shaded areas provide luxury seating for 23 passengers on comfortable, newly designed sofas and sunbeds.

Vanquish VQ50

Yachtgram – February 2020

Vanquish, Eyachts Australia and New Zealand

With aggressive styling and aluminum construction, this 50-footer isn’t for everyone. And that’s how the builder likes it. The first glimpse of the Vanquish VQ50 Mk2 at the Miami Marina seemed so appropriately South Florida, cutting a sharp powder blue profile against similarly coloured water and sky…..

Vanquish Yachts – November 2019

Vanquish, Eyachts Australia and New Zealand

These driver’s boats have a radical appearance and an elegant allure that sets them truly apart. Available in sizes from 16 to 90 feet, each Vanquish offers serious power and maximum manoeuvrability on the water.

Vanquish VQ40 and VQ58 – Two Premieres on the Cannes Red Carpet

Barche a Motore – September 2019

Vanquish, Eyachts Australia and New Zealand

VQ Yachts is putting on quite a show at this year’s Cannes Yachting Festival. The VQ58 Hard top shown at Cannes will wow the jet set with its striking Gulf Racing light blue and Hermès brown orange upholstery. The other main attraction in Cannes will be the stunning VQ40, Vanquish’s first composite yacht.

The High End of High Speed

Professional Boatbuilder – May 2018

Vanquish, Eyachts Australia and New Zealand

Vanquish yachts are marketed as the ultimate playthings for wealthy yachtsmen. The design work was performed by Guido de Groot, whose portfolio features a lot of superyacht styling. Also a Dutch firm, Studio Delta did the naval architecture and engineering.

Review: Vanquish VQ48

Motorboat & Yachting – March 2018

Vanquish, Eyachts Australia and New Zealand

This Dutch yard’s aluminium craft look sensational, but how does the Vanquish VQ48 perform? What you might not appreciate at first glance, however, is that the Vanquish is also a thoroughly seamanlike vessel.