Why Eyachts is firmly focused on sustainability with our boat brands

At Eyachts, our firm focus on sustainability has led us to become the biggest distributor of electric and hybrid boats in Australia.

Cheaper to operate, kinder to the environment, quieter and smoother … thanks to advances in technology, electric and hybrid boats are now becoming a viable and preferable alternative to traditional fuel powered vessels.

“Eyachts has always strived to be at the cutting-edge of boat design and technology so we’re proud to be at the forefront of the sustainable boating revolution. We set our sustainability aspirations high believing that every step makes a difference – with our hybrid and electric boat portfolio the future of more sustainable boating is already here.” Ross Turner (Eyachts General Manager)

Let’s take a closer look at how our exclusive range of innovative and leading edge European powerboats and sailing yachts deliver cost savings and sustainability… all without sacrificing style or speed.

The First Hybrid Yacht – Greenline Yachts

The superior design and engineering of Greenline Yachts delivers eco-friendly boating without any compromise on comfort or luxury.

Greenline launched the world’s first affordable diesel electric hybrid boat in 2008 and it has been refining and improving this formula ever since, launching its fifth-generation hybrid range in 2020.

“Greenline yachts have pioneered hybrid electric propulsion technology for over a decade – this unrivalled experience has given them the expertise and knowledge to produce long-range vessels with unmatched real-world functionality.”  Ross Turner (Eyachts General Manager)

Today Greenline is the most popular brand of hybrid boats in the world, producing an extensive range of industry-leading live-aboard cruisers ranging in size from 10 metres to 21 metres in length.

All Greenline Yachts feature:

🚤 silent eco-performance – no need for wind to cruise in silence

🚤 superior hull design resulting in an efficient boat that is a pleasure to drive

🚤 onboard solar panels

🚤 choice of all-electric, hybrid or conventional diesel power

Greenline hybrid boats actually use four times less fossil fuel than a planing powerboat in similar conditions, simultaneously improving the user experience while they lessen the impact on the environment.

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Greenline, Eyachts Australia and New Zealand
Greenline 48, Eyachts Australia and New Zealand
Greenline 68 Eyachts, Australia and New Zealand

The World’s #1 Electric boats – RAND Boats

RAND’s commitment to becoming the world’s most sustainable and environmentally friendly mainstream boat brand has seen them set new benchmarks for sustainable, practical and infinitely stylish power boating.

It starts during design and construction, where RAND Boats use only half of the material compared to similar mainstream boat production techniques.

RAND hulls use recycled plastic bottles as the foam core, wooden trim elements are obtained from certified sustainable forests and the luxurious ‘leather’ upholstery options are cruelty-free.

“Delivering the ultimate expression of design, function and quality with a focus on electric, zero-emission boating, RAND sets a new benchmark for sustainable, practical and infinitely stylish power boats.” Ross Turner

Every RAND model can be configured with either 100% Electric Propulsion or the latest inboard or outboard ICE (Internal combustion engine) propulsion.

And as the first manufacturer to offer electric boats with a sterndrive, RAND Boats have the same sporty handling as a petrol boat, but with even better acceleration due to the instant thrust.

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Eyachts Rand ESCAPE 30
Eyachts Rand SPITIR 25
Greenline, Eyachts Australia and New Zealand

Reduced Fuel Consumption – Axopar/BRABUS Marine Boats

Saving fuel is written into the DNA of Axopar/BRABUS Marine Boats, both in their aerodynamics and hydrodynamics.

Their smart design features include a low centre of gravity, light weight, yet strong constructions and centred weight distribution, which:

🚤 improves the handling and driving characteristics of the boats,

🚤 reduces the fuel consumption to take you further and save you money

🚤 creates less air resistance

🚤 keeps the boat better on-course even at slow speeds in harbour manoeuvres

All of these design features make for a smoother and more comfortable boating experience that is better for the environment and for your hip pocket too!

Axopar Boats have also just released an early-stage prototype of their first 100% electric Axopar boat, combining the ultra-efficient and versatile Axopar 25 with the eco-friendliness of electric outboard propulsion to prove that high speeds and electrification can go hand in hand.

The prototype’s new EVOY engine is the world’s first 300hp outboard electrical engine and it features low consumption, impressive torque, and range, making it perfect for boat owners keen to go green and still get every inch of speed out of their boats.

“This prototype is Axopars testament to adaptability, resourcefulness, and passion for innovation, representing a great leap forward for the company and the boating industry. Knowing that Axopar, currently the world’s fastest-growing day boat brand, is embracing the electric revolution proves that electric boating is here to stay.” Peter Hrones, EyachtsManaging Director.

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Eyachts Rand ESCAPE 30
Axopar Range Sydney Harbour
Axopar 45

Efficient and economical cruising – Sirena Yachts

The groundbreaking hull design of Sirena Yachts has created a highly functional elite motor yacht that goes further and faster on less fuel.

Sirena Yachts have a carbon hybrid superstructure, making them less top heavy and giving them a lower centre of gravity. Their semi-displacement hull offers efficient performance at a range of speeds, with top speeds of 25-30kts or cruising speeds of 18-20kts.

“In their ongoing quest to ensure that owners can get more from their time on the water by redefining the capability, comfort, efficiency, and look and feel of their yachts, Sirena Yachts have also created a range of highly efficient yachts that can go further and faster, while using the same amount of fuel.” – Peter Hrones.

Most of the time, Sirena Yachts operate in displacement mode and this is what makes them very fuel-efficient. Due to their lesser draft – compared to full displacement vessels –  Sirena Yachts have less “wetted surface area”, which is why they require less horsepower to propel the hull through the water.

Sirena Yachts’ semi-displacement hull can actually achieve about 35% more speed with the same engine load requirement or at the same speed use significantly less fuel and energy!

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Eyachts Australia Sirena 58
Sirena 58 Coupe, Eyachts Australia and New Zealand
Sirena 68 Flybridge Australia

Sustainability in boating is the way of the future

Whether it’s a choice of hybrid or electric propulsion, the use of recycled materials in the construction of the boat or smart design that reduces fuel consumption and allows the boats to go further and faster using the same amount of fuel, today’s technological advances  afford boat designers many ways of being more sustainable.

At Eyachts we know that sustainability is not only the way of the future for the environment … It is also the preference of our clients for the many other benefits it delivers.

Just as the demand for electric and hybrid cars, scooters and bikes is surging both here in Australia and around the world, there has also been a huge increase in demand for electric and hybrid boats.

And with ongoing increases in the price of fuel, we predict this huge growth in the electric boat market will continue long into the future.

“The gradual transition to electric and sustainably focussed power boats is an essential element of protecting the future and our sustainable portfolio now offers real-world solutions to those who are ready to embrace it,” says Ross Turner.

“Sustainable and electric boating will be the most disruptive change to hit the marine industry in decades, so we’re excited and ready for it.”

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