Axopar 22 & 25 Mediterrana Walkthrough

Enhancing Maritime Luxury with the Mediterrana Upgrade

Unveiling the Axopar 22 with a Touch of Mediterranean Elegance

At the prestigious Cannes Yachting Festival, the spotlight was on the Axopar 22, boasting a distinctive upgrade – the new Mediterrana upholstery package. The vibrant upholstery transforms the boat into a visual stunner, adding an extra layer of sophistication. While the model itself is no stranger to enthusiasts, this walkthrough aims to spotlight the noteworthy features of the Mediterrana.

Enhanced Comfort: A Game-Changing Backrest

One of the standout upgrades is the addition of a backrest on the bow’s seating area. This simple yet impactful addition elevates the comfort level, especially in a social space like the bow. The thoughtful design invites relaxation and socializing, making it a delightful addition for those seeking comfort during their maritime adventures. Notably, the upholstery extends to a stylish choice of cup holders, ensuring a spill-free experience for all on board.

Axopar 22 Eyachts, Australia and New Zealand
Eyachts Australia Pardo GT52
Eyachts Australia Pardo GT52

Axopar 25: The Multi-Storage Marvel

Transitioning to the Axopar 25, the spotlight shifts to the remarkable multi-storage layout. A seamless cushion now spans the boat, transforming it into an expansive sun lounge or even an additional sleeping space. The clever design retains the flexibility of a convertible backrest, allowing passengers to choose between forward and aft-facing positions. This significant enhancement turns the Axopar 25 into a more versatile and accommodating vessel, perfect for various activities on the water.

Comfort Redefined: A Cohesive Interior Upgrade

While the layout remains consistent, the Mediterrana upholstery injects a refreshing change to the material, providing a distinct aesthetic appeal. Cup holders are strategically integrated, ensuring that convenience and comfort go hand in hand. The Axopar 25 continues to offer a remarkable cruising or anchoring experience, enhanced by integrated handholds for added safety while underway.

Choices Abound: U-Shaped Seating or Multi-Storage Layout

With the Axopar 22 and 25, the options are diverse. Choose between a U-shaped seating arrangement or the transformative multi-storage layout on either model. This flexibility empowers boat enthusiasts to tailor their Axopar experience based on their preferences and intended use. 

Eyachts Axopar 25 Australia Sydney
Pardo GT52 Eyachts Australia
Eyachts Australia Pardo GT52

the Axopar 22 and Axopar 25 showcase not just boats but a symphony of extraordinary features. The Mediterrana upholstery package transforms these vessels into a visual spectacle, setting them apart in elegance.

Whether it’s the added comfort of the new backrest or the versatility of the multi-storage layout on the Axopar 25, every detail contributes to an unparalleled boating experience.

If the allure of these boats has ignited your curiosity, reach out to us.


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