Axopar 29 First Impressions and Sea Trial

The Evolution of Adventure Boating

Russell from Eyachts in Palma Mallorca introduces the latest addition to the fleet, the Axopar 29 Cross Cabin and Sun Top. Positioned as the next evolution from the breakthrough 28 model, the 29 boasts enhanced performance, sea keeping and space innovations that redefine time spent onboard. The bow modifications alone provide reimagined space for the cabin below, complemented by versatile seating options like the U-shaped seating on the bow and the sun top’s rear U-shaped seating, elevating the social experience to new heights.

Performance and Design Insights

Reflecting on the Axopar 29’s aggressive yet sleek appearance, it’s evident that Axopar has doubled down on performance. Ready to tackle rough waters with finesse, its forward brow and sharp lines embody its prowess as a performance-oriented vessel. Inside the Pilot House, improvements in manoeuvrability and spatial openness stand out compared to its predecessor, the Axopar 28. The widened helm area and seamless access around the seats underscore Axopar’s commitment to ergonomic excellence and user comfort.

Innovative Features for Enhanced Enjoyment

Notably, the Axopar 29 Sun Top introduces a game-changing feature: The U-shaped seating arrangement, under a now hard top with Sun Roof, a design feature passed down from her big sister the 37 Sun Top. Combine these options with the new aft Fender wet bar, this configuration makes the Axopar 29 Sun top an ideal choice for leisure in vibrant locales throughout the Australian coastline, ensuring an unforgettable day on the water.

Stability and Handling

One of Axopar’s hallmarks is their exceptional stability and handling. The Axopar 29 maintains her low centre of gravity despite added features like the forward multi-cabin and hardtop. This design feat ensures minimal sway and a stable ride, even in varied conditions. Whether cruising or anchored, the Axopar 29 remains steadfast, reflecting Axopar’ s dedication to both performance and safety.

Setting a New Standard

To conclude, the Axopar 29 builds upon the success of its predecessor while introducing innovative features that enhance its appeal. The 29 certainly maintains Axopar’s legacy as the leader in adventure boat design, this model seamlessly integrates performance, comfort, and versatility. With its striking design and thoughtful enhancements, the Axopar 29 stands poised to redefine expectations in the adventure boat market, solidifying its position as a standout choice for enthusiasts worldwide.