Axopar’s Electric Boat Triumph and Performance Review

Axopar x Evoy: Axopar 25 Sea Trial

In the world of boating, the winds of change are blowing, and Axopar has set sail towards a more sustainable future with their recent triumph and innovative collaboration. Axopar, known for its forward-thinking approach to boat design, has been making waves with its electric boat, the Axopar 25. Not only did this remarkable vessel secure an award at the Gussies Electric Boat Awards, but it has also marked a significant milestone in the transition towards electrification and sustainable boating. Join us as we dive into the exciting world of Axopar’s electric boat and their partnership with Evoy.

A Sea Trial to Remember

Fortunately, Marnie and Rowan from Eyachts were able to experience the Electric Axopar 25 first-hand in the Mediterranean. This wasn’t an ordinary sea trial – packed with 6 people we were reaching 45 knots with ease. This 300-horsepower electric motor combined with two battery banks has propelled this Axopar 25 to a top speed of 54 knots.

What truly sets this experience apart is the silence, allowing us to fully immerse ourselves in the serenity of the sea. As Rowan aptly puts it, “It’s silent we’re coming back into the bay now and all you can hear is the small amounts of water going past the hull is truly amazing.”

In reference to the ride itself Rowan adds, “It feels like an Axopar; it runs like an Axopar. It’s true, it’s fast, and it’s silent.” The collaboration between Axopar and Evoy has resulted in a remarkable boat that retains the essence of Axopar’s brand while embracing the future of sustainable boating.

Axopar Boats Sydney Harbour
Axopar Boats Sydney Harbour

Axopar 25’s Electric Victory

The Electric Axopar 25 recently clinched the prestigious Gussies Electric Boat Award in the “Production Electric Boats: Up to 8m / 26ft” category. This recognition highlights the Axopar 25’s outstanding performance and its dedication to achieving excellence in electric boating. The award judges commended the vessel stating;

“For the most comfortable ride in almost any water, it is crucial to be able to keep a stable speed of around 20-25 knots. Driving at lower speeds in choppy conditions usually results in an uncomfortable and wet ride. The Axopar 25 is one of the rare electric boats that you can take outside of sheltered waters due to its hull design, drivability, and impressive hull efficiency enabling higher speed and  extended range with less engine power.  Combining this efficiency with an innovative electric engine showcases Axopar’s dedication towards creating the most comfortable drive even when presented with challenging conditions.”

The Gussies Electric Boat Awards pay homage to Gustave Trouvé, the inventor who paved the way for electric boat propulsion in 1874 with his detachable motor unit, the birth of the outboard motor. Axopar’s win at these awards is a testament to its position as an industry leader and innovator.

Axopar Boats Sydney Harbour
Axopar Boats Sydney Harbour

Axopar’s Investment in Evoy

In addition to their award-winning electric boat, Axopar has taken a significant step forward in leading the charge towards electrification by investing in Evoy, the Norwegian manufacturer specializing in fully electric inboard and outboard motor solutions for marine use.

Jan-Erik Viitala, Founding Partner at Axopar Boats, emphasized the importance of the partnership, stating, “Our mission together is to inspire and catalyze a broader movement towards sustainable boating, encouraging other boat manufacturers to invest in electric boating as well.”

With over a year of testing on the Axopar 25 the Axopar 22 has now also entered the fleet of electric boats. These electric boats are now getting closer to becoming a reality downunder and as the leaders in the electric boat space, Eyachts could not be more excited.


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