Eyachts plant trees everytime a boat is sold


At Eyachts, we know the importance of the land and seas, and the value of our planet’s unique and beautiful environment. As a team of individuals who work, live and play by the water, we are committed to promoting sustainable boating and minimizing our environmental impact, as well as taking whatever small steps we can to help.

Our mission is to provide Australia and New Zealand with the latest and most efficient boat designs that incorporate cutting-edge propulsion and power technologies, sustainable manufacturing techniques and minimal fuel consumption to ensure that the next generation can continue to enjoy our stunning waterways and the precious wildlife that inhabit it.

We are continually taking small steps towards being more sustainable and environmentally conscious. To support our mission, we are proud to offer the latest environmentally friendly boats, such as RAND electric boats and Greenline Hybrid boats alongside our highly fuel-efficient ICE range. These boats incorporate the latest technology and sustainable practices to minimize their environmental impact and are the first step towards an emission-free luxury boating lifestyle.

We also recognize the importance of taking positive action to help the environment. To this end, we have started planting at least ten trees in Australia with every single boat we sell. This is just one small step towards helping the environment, but we are committed to doing more to support our planet.

At Eyachts, we believe that everyone has a role to play in protecting the environment, and we are committed to doing our part. By supporting and promoting sustainable boat design, championing the latest innovations in green technologies and being conscious of our environmental impact, we hope to inspire others to embrace environmentally conscious choices. We encourage everyone to help preserve our planet’s oceans and marine environment for generations to come and are proud to be helping us all move in the right direction, one small step at a time.