FIRST Axopar 45 in Australia

The Best Day Boat on the Market?

The boating community in Australia is abuzz with excitement as the first Axopar 45 Sun Top has officially landed in Sydney. This 45-foot adventure boat, renowned for its offshore performance and handling, was rigorously tested by the Eyachts in-house service team past the Barrenjoey Heads before its handover. The Axopar 45 Sun Top’s ability to navigate challenging waters with ease is a testament to its exceptional design and engineering, making it a strong contender for the title of the best day boat on the market.

Axopar 22 Eyachts, Australia and New Zealand
Eyachts Australia Pardo GT52
Eyachts Australia Pardo GT52

Performance That Sets a New Standard

The Axopar 45 Sun Top is not just any day boat; it’s a vessel that promises and delivers an unparalleled boating experience. With its signature twin-stepped hull, defined chines, and cutting bow, the Axopar 45 has become a benchmark in the marine industry. Even at 45 feet, this boat reacts with the agility and precision that Axopar is celebrated for. Its handling in offshore conditions is second to none, providing confidence and excitement for those who seek adventure on the water.

A Design for Adventure

What sets the Axopar 45 Sun Top apart from its competitors is its meticulous design focused on adventure and practicality. This boat is built to explore, whether you’re cruising along Australia’s stunning coastline or venturing further offshore. The Sun Top configuration offers ample shade and protection from the elements, making it ideal for long days out on the water. Its spacious layout ensures comfort and functionality, catering to both relaxation and exhilarating activities.

Axopar 22 Eyachts, Australia and New Zealand
Eyachts Australia Pardo GT52
Eyachts Australia Pardo GT52

Eyachts’ Commitment to Excellence

Eyachts, the exclusive distributor for Axopar in Australia, has once again demonstrated its commitment to delivering top-notch service and products. The thorough testing of the Axopar 45 Sun Top by the in-house service team from Vesseltec underscores the dedication to ensuring every boat meets the highest standards of performance and quality. The positive feedback from the initial tests highlights why Axopar continues to be a leading choice for boating enthusiasts in Australia.

“I have driven many Axopars, from the very first to arrive in Australia, to now 10 years later, the new flagship arriving. I was blown away by the outstanding performance of the Axopar 45; it handled just like the smaller models in the fleet but on a 45-foot platform. Best of all it is fun to drive. The Axopar 45 Sun Top will be a game-changer in Australia.” – Hayden Burn, Service Manager.

After a very successful 3-day handover with the Vesseltec team, this vessel has been delivered to its new berth at The Spit, Mosman.

This is my second Axopar now, and I have enjoyed a close relationship with Eyachts and the Vesseltec team. Their level of service and professionalism is always outstanding and I feel well-equipped following their thorough handover. The Axopar 45 is the ideal boat for our lifestyle and it has certainly been worth the wait.” – New Axopar 45 Owner

Cabin Axopar 29
Eyachts Australia Pardo GT52
Axopar 29 Driving seat

Is This the Best Day Boat on the Market?

With its outstanding offshore performance, innovative design, and reputable Axopar build quality, the Axopar 45 Sun Top is making a strong case for being the best day boat on the market. Whether you’re a seasoned boater or new to the world of marine adventures, this boat offers everything you need for an extraordinary day out on the water.

Feedback from those who are looking at the Axopar 45 Sun Top in Australia and those who have placed orders highlights that it is ideal for both family outings and social gatherings. Boating enthusiasts appreciate that the Axopar 45 Sun Top is spacious enough to comfortably accommodate a large group of friends or just the family for a fun day out. Despite its size and capability, this boat can be single-handedly operated and is easy to pack up at the end of the day, making it a practical choice for those seeking convenience and enjoyment. This blend of versatility and ease of use makes the Axopar 45 Sun Top the perfect vessel for anyone looking to maximize their time on the water without the hassle of complex operations or lengthy cleanup.

The Future of Boating in Australia

The Axopar 45 Sun Top has set a new standard in the boating world, and its arrival in Sydney marks a significant milestone for Eyachts and boating enthusiasts in Australia.

The arrival of this first Axopar 45 Sun Top in Sydney is just the beginning. With a waiting list already forming for upcoming builds, it’s clear that the demand for this exceptional vessel is growing. Eyachts is excited to see more of the Axopar 45 range arrive across Australia, bringing with it the promise of unforgettable boating experiences.