Greenline 45 Efficiency Review

Greenline Yachts are best known for offering Hybrid and Electric propulsion in order to make these offerings viable, it is imperative that the hull is efficient. As such, even with a diesel engine, Greenline provides a highly efficient solution, reducing fuel consumption.

In this video, Joe tests the Greenline 45 at various speeds and details the fuel consumption.

TESTED: 2 x 370 Yanmar with V-drive/ Shaft drive

IDLE SPEED: 3 knots = 1.6L/H


FAST CRUISE: 12 knots = 60L/H

FAST PASSAGE MAKING: 21 knots = 100L/H

MAX SPEED: 25 knots = 140L/H

Overall, we were very impressed with the visibility over the front, there was minimal bow rise. On top of that, the boat was incredibly quiet, even at fast speeds. And for an almost 50-foot boat, this is a large boat, so the fuel consumption figures were very impressive.

This Greenline 45 is available for viewings in Sydney for a very limited time before the owner delivers the boat to her new home. Register for a viewing now!


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